Here’s a new school badge

When people were taken over by the Ukraine psyop in 2022, they imagined themselves as the benefactors to an unfortunate downtrodden people.

Some threw open their homes to refugees, to be amazed that these mostly supported Putin, and not Zelensky.

Well here comes the real agenda.  The poor old British who’ve been corralled into praying for a country ruled by Nazis, are now facing the effects of this folly.

The sanctions imposed by the West have trebled energy prices or maybe more than that.  The winter is coming.  Gas supply is cut off, and will only come on again once the foolish sanctions against Russia, who wants to denazify Ukraine, are lifted.

Prepare to freeze and starve for Ukraine.  Please stop watching your televisions.  You believe anything they say, and look at the trouble it’s getting you into.


One Response to “Here’s a new school badge”

  1. Occams says:

    Prepare to freeze and starve for Ukraine.