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Helping the Donbass – Russell Bentley


Hello, this is Russell “Texas” Bentley from Donetsk. I have been here for more than 8 years, I worked as a DPR soldier in 2014, 2015 and 2017, defending Donbass and Russia from the Ukropov and Nazi NATO attacks. Since 2015, I have also worked as an accredited war correspondent and humanitarian aid volunteer, bringing more than half a million dollars of humanitarian aid with XAH Humanitarian, Essence of Time and Donbass Humanitarian Aid. As war correspondents and humanitarian aid volunteers, my wife and I worked without a salary for 8 years, our main source of funding was crowdfunding from supporters from all over the world, but mainly from the West.

Now a wall has been built between Russia and the West – censorship is trying to block the flow of information and truth about the Donbass and the war in Ukraine to the West, and sanctions are blocking the financial support of Western comrades from the West to Russia. Since March of this year, obtaining financial support from the West has become almost impossible. My Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts have been blocked and deleted, but I am still active on Telegram and VK, with over 10,000 followers and supporters in each of them. But we have been without financial support from the West since March, we live on our savings, and now our savings are running out.

Therefore, I am now turning to my Russian friends and comrades for support. The lack of funding has seriously reduced our ability to carry out humanitarian aid missions and to make written and video reports from Donetsk and from the front. I am working on new methods of getting money from the West, but it will take some time, but in the meantime we really need your support. I have a card and an account with Sberbank, and any amount you can deposit will be a great help in continuing our work. My VK account is also linked to my card, so VK Pay is also an option.

I wrote a book about how I was a soldier of the DPR in 2015, and it is available as an e-book in English and Russian. Any amount will help, but anyone who contributes 500 rubles or more will receive an electronic version of my book “Donbass Cowboy” in your chosen language. Please make your contribution to help us help others, continue to protect Donbass and Russia, and help make the world a better place for everyone! let’s!