Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still …

Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still …

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

INTRO: I have spent about 30 years either in or working for the US military with leading edge technology as my main focus. No not medical technology but how you learn, how you research, and how you arrive at assumptions and conclusions is very similar.  What we will discuss today pushes the boundaries of what many are willing to believe … But it is all possible and very doable (and more) with the state of today’s bio-medical technology. This is something I personally believe with total confidence due to the massive amount of vaccine research I have burned through over the years … And that scares the hell out of me! So let’s delve into a topic that is broaching more and more peoples mindset. Something scary even for those who are at least somewhat familiar with the topic we plow into.

Proving COVID Vaccines don’t work by Vaccine definition, and Red Flags:

Over the last decade I have personally researched and written hundreds of vaccine related articles, and done either by hosting, of guesting, hundreds of podcasts or radio shows on vaccines/vaccinations (most available on this website). This said I am not a novice on the subject. One thing that remained a constant throughout that time frame is the definition of a vaccine.

In order for a pharma product to qualify as a vaccine it must accomplish the following via acquired immunity from the injection:

  • Keep your body from allowing a specific virus into your body

  • Thus keep your body from storing said virus

  • Thus negating any chance of your body transmitting said virus

Today we are living in a global population that is now more heavily vaccinated than at any point in human history, and a vast majority of this is related directly to the COVID vaccines.

Yet today a vast majority of those filling our hospitals and dying from (supposed) COVID are fully vaccinated, with the least likely to die being from the unvaccinated portion of humanity … How is this even possible? First Red Flag

Now we are also aware that the virus is not kept from entering the body, nor is the body prevented from basically storing the virus, even with multiple shots and boosters … Again how is this even possible? Second Red Flag

And finally we are now aware that even though you are fully vaccinated (until you are told you need another booster), you are still capable of transmitting the virus … Once more, how the heck is this possible? Third Red Flag

Will someone please explain to me just how this pharma jab even remotely qualifies as a vaccine, something that facilitated mandated vaccinations across the planet? Fourth Red Flag

To say that mRNA vaccines (NOT) are a recent product, something of about the past 2 years, is wrong and abundant proof of the research ongoing for over a decade exists. So if this is not a new concept, and human reaction to it is something that actually has some history … why are we just finding out about the absolute and massive failures these jabs present to the supposed most deadly global pandemic (bull) in human history? Why would these Pharma companies convince our FDA and CDC to hold back vaccine trial documents containing proof of thousands of dangerous and deadly vaccine side effects for seventy five years from the likes of you and me? Could the wealthiest and most powerful entities on the planet (Big Pharma) be that stupid, or prone to this kind of a massive failure?


  • Why are many hundreds of thousands of Americans dropping dead as a result of a lifesaving Vaccine?

  • Why are excess deaths skyrocketing in every highly vaccinated country across the globe.

  • Why are young children suffering or dropping dead from heart issues never seen at this level before?

  • Why is fertility, due to one mechanism or another, dropping of a cliff globally?

  • Why are morticians finding massive clots in the bodies of many fully vaccinated corpses?

  • Why are so many fully vaccinated people suffering heart conditions and sever disabilities globally?

  • Why are miscarriages, fetal deaths and stillbirths soaring in the vaccinated

  • Why is this being hidden from all of us as it ramps up out of control?

  • Why are, Why are, Why are …

What if their true intention has nothing to do with a Faux Plandemic … but they are in fact geared to something totally unrelated … GLOBAL GENOCIDE ???

So … H.G. Wells, move aside because reality now may be far more mind bending than science fiction !!!

At this point I will hold up on my ranting and offer you some blatant reality. What is presented below are just a few of the many videos that take this subject matter to a different level, a level of credibility and fact base. If you believe my above rant to be far beyond the limits of reality, then your opinion may come far closer to alignment once you have given the following videos the time and attention they deserve … Unless your future and that of your children mean little to you … then Carry On …






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Dr. Ryan Cole: Covid Vaccine Side Effects Are Like A Nuclear Bomb




Situation Update, Aug 17, 2022 – 10,000 people A DAY being KILLED by COVID Vaccines




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Genocide By Any Other Name Is Still …

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