One Response to “Gematria; Numerology”

  1. newensign says:

    Very interesting info Danceaway. Elizabeth’s twin Lilibet passed away in 2015. It is also of note – She died 1 day short of 911 (displacement factor), that is today 9th September! She never in fact ruled, but delegated authority to a government (mind controller). While a lot has been said about her role in bringing about the decline of Britain, it has to be remembered that Elizabeth II was part of the Royal line that had interbred with the Rothschilds. Another point of note is that Britain arose as a great power under Elizabeth I but declined under Elizabeth II Also farmers were fined under Elizabeth I for not growing cannabis (hemp) while under ER II one is fined or imprisoned for growing it! Although there are bad monarchs, Monarchy is still the best form of Government and the enemy hates it, because its scriptural, that the sceptre should be with true Judah (found in Germany, Ireland and Scotland) and not the Edomites! Monarchs of old were subject to the Law and required to protect it, they could make edicts or rules subject to them not being contrary to the Law and were known as statutes – hence monarchs ruled. Monarchs having to be of a certain tribe of a great race prevented that race’s government from being infiltrated.