Fright has its uses – The Elite Psychopaths Swear By It – so Turn off the TV

Intro by Steve Cook

The following featured article gives you good insight into the ongoing “climate crisis” terror psyop and how fright is manufactured with the intent to control the herd and stampede it over whatever cliff the lunatics in charge would like it stampeded over.

The use of fright appears to be pretty much the  psychological stock-in-trade of the dimwits seeking to lord it over the planet. Beyond that they seem a tad short of ideas

It is fascinating to behold that the sum total of the State’s “understanding” of the human mind has resulted only in a crude technology of enslavement and nothing that helps man become happier and more able.

These loons, in other words, have ways and means to make Man worse, but nothing that helps make him better. You have to look outside the State if you want technologies that actually help people, mainly because the State isn’t interested in helping anybody except pretending to as a cover for creating a sick and cowed populace.

Still, Fright, use of, has a crude but limited workability when it allies the might of the State and corporate media in an effort to steamroller the culture beneath the crushing wheels of dread and dismay. It does not stand up too well to a dedicated guerilla army of freedom fighters armed with the truth, however.

Whilst the article makes some very informative observations we don’t agree, however, with its somewhat pessimistic conclusions.

We think Man is very very had to cow. Just look at the relentless hammer and pound with which he has been bludgeoned in order to convince him of the so-called climate crisis and STILL millions are not buying it, with the ranks of the dissenters growing exponentially despite the propaganda blitz.

Notwithstanding the best efforts of the media to gaslight a total lie, the truth is penetrating the force screens of disinformation and censorship and far more people are in as yet silent and unexpressed revolt than they would like you to know.

We are making headway despite the obstinate headwinds of State fearmongering. It is time to pour coals on our purposes of bringing this planet out of the Dark Age in which the Merchants of Fear seek to keep it locked.

And to unite.

And to drive home the truth and win.

We are playing midwife to a new civilisation.


Fear is a powerful weapon. The threat of an impending “climate catastrophe” has been used to control the global population for decades. It’s time we all woke up.

In the 1960s and 1970s, warnings of Ozone DepletionKiller Acid Raincrop-ending droughts, and even an impending Ice Age permeated the newspapers of the day, threats intentionally crafted to keep the sheep scared and compliant.

Then, by the 1980s these warnings had been honed, meticulously and malevolently molded into perhaps the greatest controlling measure ever devised. At the close of the decade the elites were ready to unleash it on the masses.

They realized that blaming the people for any looming catastrophe provided additional exploitable layers to the fear. Layers of guilt, of infighting and division, and of taxation. The name of the controlling measure was Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

NASA’s James Hansen’s Congressional testimony in 1988 set the ball rolling, or at least can be credited with bringing the “measure” to the attention of politicians. Hansen linked human CO2 emissions to rising global temperatures and projected three ‘warming scenarios’ moving into the future (click here for how well he did — spoiler: he did terribly).

Wasting no time in rolling out Project Fear, the UN and its corrupted MSM lapdogs ran with Hansen’s testimony and quickly began peddling-out their own scientifically-baseless doomsday scenarios.

An AP headline from as early as 1989 read: “Rising seas could obliterate nations: U.N. officials” — the article detailed a U.N. environmental official warning that entire nations would be wiped off the map if the world failed to reverse warming by 2000.

Science told us the Arctic would be completely free of summer ice by 2009, by 2013, by 2015, by 2016, by 2018, and now by… 2050…? with mainstream publications never questioning the mounting pile of FAILED prophesies.

Al Gore is king of the bullshitters, but the majority of modern politicians have bought into the ruse, too (they’ve had to in order to placate a small yet noisy –and brainwashed– section of the populous)–though some do push it further than others and as a result blindly subject their future selves to ridicule and forced retraction when their predictions are inevitably proven wrong.

Back in May, 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, during a joint appearance with then U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, claimed “we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

Fabius’s ludicrous comments were made during the early drafting of the Paris Climate Deal, a deal which gained 195 signatories and eventually became effective as of November 2016 (around 60 days after France’s foreign minister’s deadline for disaster).

But Fabius certainly isn’t alone.

Recent history is littered with examples of expired doomsday dates. There are long lists compiled on blogs across the web; there are catalogs documenting thousands upon thousands of failed climate predictions from politicians, scientists, and journalists alike. Unfortunately though, this reality is never touched by the bought-out and utterly corrupted MSM — The Science is settled, after-all, and the fact that every dire climate prediction of the past 40 years has been wrong is seemingly completely irrelevant.

We humans are sheep though.

We are easily herded.

The few anti-authoritarians among us have an increasingly hard job because modern avenues for revolt are being shutdown. So-called “Fact-Checkers” are filtering speech across the internet, and they and they alone decide what’s true, and so, at the behest of their Totalitarian backers, can shape the narrative and so reality itself however they deem fit (and on all topics, too; from AGW to COVID, from the Ukraine to BLM).

It’s long time we stand up. It’s time we revolt.

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  1. ian says:

    It only works on the hard of thinking, unfortunately, there are a good supply of them.