Freemasonry (Satanism) is Deeply Entrenched in Western Society

September 25, 2022

To demonstrate that they have not yet completed their occult conspiracy, Freemasons show the top of the pyramid missing. We may have the honor of witnessing its horrific fruition.
Eustace Mullins (1923-2010) was probably the best informed and most outspoken “antisemite” of our time. But to his credit, he described how the gentile elite embraced Jewish supremacism/Communism (treason) as the path to success.
The Great Seal, which is replete with these symbols of Freemasonry, was designed by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Churchill, and Houston, all of whom were Freemasons.”

Makow – We thought we were free citizens of democracies, endowed with “human rights,” but, in fact, we’ve been mind controlled prisoners of a satanic cult, all along. Both sides of every war, including the US Civil War, were organized and funded by Masons.  I suspect this also applies to the Ukraine war which could easily lead to nuclear catastrophe if the “vaccines” don’t annihilate us first.
by Eustace Mullins
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From the year 1776, Freemasonry has been an omnipresent international government operating treasonably from within the United States, and it has exercised those powers ever since.
Because of its secrecy, an opponent has insuperable difficulties in presenting to the people any detailed information about its conspiratorial activities. Since the murder of Captain William Morgan, no American Mason has dared to expose its stealthy operations.
mullins-2475461733.jpg(Eustace Mullins)
The present writer had for some thirty years focused on the conspiratorial activities of the leading international bankers, without realizing that governing their every action was their primary involvement with and commitment to Freemasonry. Only the discovery of the Curse of Canaan, and the subsequent Will of Canaan, forced this writer to the reluctant conclusion that behind every financial conspiracy was the demonic attachment to a Satanic cult, which manifested itself through the operations of Freemasonry.
The emblems of this cult are boldly emblazoned on the Great Seal of the United States and on our Federal Reserve notes (unpaid debts of the American people).
The words “Annuit Coeptis” announce the birth of “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” the New Order. The Canaanites have even appropriated the Great Pyramid of Gizeh, built by Shem, as their emblem.
However, to demonstrate that they have not yet put into operation the final phases of their conspiracy, they show the top of the pyramid missing, indicating that “the lost word” of Freemasonry is still absent.
The “eye” represents the Great Architect of the Universe, a cabbalist concept; it is enclosed in a triangle, which is the symbol of magic.
 The thirteen steps refer to Satan, Belial, and rebellion, which cabbalistic gematria assign to the thirteen colonies, thirteen stripes, thirteen olive leaves, thirteen arrows on the seal, and the thirteen letters of “E Pluribus Unum,” all of which emphasize the importance of the number thirteen in any enterprise which is controlled by Freemasonry. It reminds them of their war against Christ and his Twelve Disciples.
seal-eagle.jpgThe eagle Is represented as the symbol of Rome, the historic enemy of the Canaanites, whom they can never forget, the adversary who razed their capital, Carthage, and who sought to control their bestiality through the administration of laws (the fasces).
Consequently, all Freemasons must be vigorously anti-Fascist, that is, they must place themselves against the rule of law. The eagle has nine tail feathers, representing the Inner Circle of Nine in the Illuminati, and also the number of degrees in the York Rite; the thirteen stars represent the Seal of Solomon.
The Great Seal, which is replete with these symbols of Freemasonry, was designed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Churchill, and Houston, all of whom were Freemasons.
The eagle’s right-wing has thirty-two feathers, the number of the ordinary degrees in the Scottish Rite; the left wing has thirty-three, the additional feather symbolizing the 33rd degree, which is conferred Eustace Mullins for outstanding service to Masonry.
To detail all of the Masonic emblems with which the Great Seal is rife would require more space than we need to give; these esoteric hidden meanings show that the combined number of feathers in the two wings of the eagle is sixty-five; in gematria, this is the value of the Hebrew phrase “yam yawchod,” “together in unity,” which is cited in Psalm 133:1. “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity!”
The five-pointed stars represent the Masonic Blazing Star and the five points of fellowship. The All Seeing Eye has a cabbalistic value of seventy plus three plus two hundred, the value of the phrase “eben mosu habonim,” “the stone which the builders refused,” which is familiar to all Royal Arch Masons; it also represents the value of Hiram Abiff, the architect of King Solomon’s Temple.
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