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Europe re-erects the Iron Curtain

The fascistic Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland closing their borders today for Russian! 1933-1939 is back. Or maybe we are back in the cold war which is worse than in the past, then politicians communicated with each other, but Europe is closed. They don’t communicate anymore, just threats and weapons! It’s the other way around, Europe now is building the Iron/digital curtain!

Sonja Van Den Ende

Also from Sonja Van Den Ende.

The Azov battalion marching in the Streets of Germany #1933-1939


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One Response to “Europe re-erects the Iron Curtain”

  1. danceaway says:

    Are the police protecting them in this video?

    Pity the German people if they are becoming a sanctuary for the Azov. It won’t end well.