EU Businesses and Factories cannot afford to run – David DuByne Part 1 of 2

Forward electricity prices through the E.U and the U.K are from 10-18X the norm nine months ago. Businesses and factories cannot afford to run at these levels and the futures / derivatives markets are requiring absurd margin requirements for buyers and sellers across the electrical landscape of the continent. These margin requirements are more than the entire valuation of the market listed entities. Only the BIS can come to the bail out rescue.

Source: ADAPT2030 Bitchute Channel

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One Response to “EU Businesses and Factories cannot afford to run – David DuByne Part 1 of 2”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Stop the panic. Most were paying about 18p per unit. Rates at the moment are roughly 50p per unit. Businesses are being advised that next year could see 60p a unit. That is nearer three times. Gas has risen far more than that. When electric was 18p a Kwh, the raw gas cost was actually only 2p a unit of the price for the electricity. The rest – 17p per kwh – was mark-up. Gas has gone up ten times or more, and is now over 10p a unit. Electricity could be kept at 40p a unit but the political decision has been taken instead to send it up over three times to around 60p. It’s the choice of governments to push small businesses out, as they always love to do. The gas price is still affordable as far as electricity is concerned. The real killer will be if they decide to cut off the electricity, which they can easily do using smart meters which have a device on board which can cut the power off when signalled from head office. If the power cuts are made against what they deem to be ‘non-essential’ businesses, that is where the business-killers will be most effective.