It is not just the deaths, it is the disabilities


I was making an error when I said that all the job openings that could not be filled were caused by vax deaths. Actually, the vax is disabling people and making them unable to work at a ratio of at least 5:1 which means far more people are out of the workforce than the death stats would indicate. This reality is a new discovery, it is probably a lot worse than stated.

In this video, Edward Dowd states that five million people are out of the workforce from vax-related disabilities but my guess is it is far more than that because it is way too early for most of the people who have been disabled to even realize what has happened and get it recorded as a disability. TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

In earlier reports from this year I calculated at least 20 million people were dead and did it with the workforce stats. That was an error, because the people might not actually be dead, they might just be disabled and too weak or sick to work. Now we have five million documented disabled people added to the list which helps explain what is going on and why there is a worker shortage and why Biden has the border open to get more workers into the country – , that’s 25 percent of 20 million. When you add the actual deaths it’s probably 30 percent of 20 million and the number will grow as more and more people realize that life is not the same anymore, and subsequently, go on disability.