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Too Many Lies and Not Enough Sense – Who We Must Blame If We Lose This War

For two and a half years I have been subjected to an endless barrage of lies and abuse from the conspirators and their handmaidens in the mainstream media. My dedication to sharing the truth has destroyed my reputation, my career and my income.

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

I’ve been banned and demonised and sneered at with a vengeance that has sometimes seemed primitive and often seemed personal. I am banned from all mainstream media and from most internet sites. The enemy has done everything possible to damage my reputation. Take a look at the Wikipedia page for the film ‘Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War’ (which is based on a novel of mine) and you’ll see that even there I’m referred to as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. And my name has been removed from the key information. The entire Wikipedia page for the novels about Mrs Caldicot was removed out of sheer destructive vindictiveness. As was a page about my Bilbury books.

But it’s a fight that has to be fought. As I have repeatedly said: this is the most important war in human history. I started the war with what seemed to me then to be an advantage: I believe that after over 50 years of research and writing I know more about vaccines, iatrogenic disease, drug companies and drug side effects than anyone else alive.

And yet for over a year I have been subjected to an equally endless barrage of lies and abuse from a small group of anonymous individuals who sometimes claim to be on the same side as those of us attacking the fake pandemic and its various official ‘solutions’, but who are committed to the idea that there are no such things as germs or infectious diseases (some limit themselves to believing that viruses are all imaginary). Their attacks have been inspired because I have referred to infectious disease of one sort of another. Instead of offering a rational alternative they merely seem to offer abuse. I find this sad and immensely damaging.

I understand why governments and the bought and paid for media attack me but I don’t see the value or the relevance in attacking me because I offer a supportable point of view about infectious diseases. Do any of these critics really believe that they can convince the world that infectious diseases are an illusion? And even if they do, where is the value in smearing someone who was the first doctor to draw attention to the covid fake pandemic hoax – and its consequences?

And why is it that they aren’t banned from social media, YouTube and so on – when I’m banned from everywhere? Could it be that they are protected by MI5 and the CIA?

Just the other day it was brought to my attention that one anonymous troll claims, quite seriously, to have analysed my videos and proved that I am a computer-generated image. His or her proof apparently lies upon the position of my legs when I made videos.

(Those who believe this are, presumably, either unaware of the video of me talking to a live audience in Trafalgar Square or prefer to believe that the audience was entranced by a hologram.)

A more popular accusation is that my over 300 videos and articles should be ignored because I’m not a scientist. I’m not quite sure how the trolls would define a scientist but I’ve acquired three science degrees, have written numerous papers for scientific journals, edited a medical journal and lectured doctors and nurses. Maybe they’d be happier if I wore a white coat and carried a test tube around with me. I would add that I’m not sure how many of these critical trolls could be classified as scientists.

A third popular criticism is that I am too old to have any views worth listening to – a criticism which is, of course, the sort of rank ageism long favoured by the conspirators; the sort of ageism most of us are determined to oppose and stamp out.

Another popular criticism from this quarter is that I am either Jewish or a freemason or possibly both. These claims are untrue (and, presumably, anti-Semitic) but they also seem irrelevant and are offered merely as another variation on the standard abuse.

I’m even abused for being vegetarian – though I’ve been vegetarian for well over 30 years on moral grounds.

And, of course, there have been death threats. Two anonymous trolls have, separately, threatened to kill me because I mentioned the words ‘virus’ and ‘infection’ in a video.

It is, I suppose, a lot easier and a lot less dangerous to attack me for sharing the truth than it is to attack the drug companies, the politicians, the journalists and the medical profession.

What else will they come up with?

Maybe they think my real name is Aureolus Bombastus Theophrastus von Hohenheim and I’ve been dead for 481 years. It would make as much sense.

(I note by the way that although the anonymous trolls seem happy to use my name and picture, presumably as income-producing click-bait, they are usually careful to hide their own identities.)

I’m not sure what the motive is for all the threats and abuse.

Is it to silence me, demoralise me, humiliate me or ruin me?

If so then I have to point out that governments, Google, the mainstream media and so on have already destroyed my life. I used to be one of the world’s bestselling authors. Now I’m not. My reputation is unsalvageable.

These energetic critics (and I wish they would use their energy to attack the drug companies and governments – though that is a dangerous business) appear to be driven and united and committed to the theory that there are no infectious diseases. (It’s difficult to know exactly what they believe because all I’ve seen from them has been abuse and the constantly repeated suggestion that anyone who discusses infectious diseases must be silenced.)

One day, if we ever win this war, I would like to know how they would explain away the work of Fracastorio, van Leeuwenhoek, Holmes, Semmelweiss, Lister or even Pickles. They certainly do not seem to understand the basic, well-proven principles of epidemiology.

Even if the trolls are right and all medical research for 500 years is flawed and many doctors and scientists on our side of this war are out of date (as the trolls argue with great vehemence) and all members of the public are wrong to believe in the existence of infectious diseases, I cannot see the relevance of bringing this controversy into a war we are losing.

But, sadly, the bullying and abusive trolls never attempt to convince their audience of the rightness of their belief that there are no infectious diseases. Instead, they prefer the simpler solution of pouring bucketsful of ordure upon anyone who tries to defy the Great Reset and all that goes with it.

(For the record, one or two of them occasionally mention ‘exosomes’ – which have been around for decades. They’re an interesting subject for discussion. Their existence does not seem to me, however, to be a nuclear weapon in the war against the threats of mass murder, social credit, digitalisation and the disappearance of cash. Oh, how I wish that the bloggers would interest themselves in these targets.)

The fact is that I believe these enthusiasts offer a serious threat to our survival. They have put an end to debate and done irreparable harm to the Resistance movement. Their presence online is doubtless cheered and encouraged by the CIA, MI5 and the rest of the enemy.

It is my experience that campaigning groups always produce the most vicious attacks from within their own number and the actions of these people once again proves that to be true.

Tragically, I can guarantee that no doctors or scientists or sensible members of any community will believe us (or dare put their heads above the parapet) while these arrogant individuals continue their campaign of abuse.

We will never convince the public, or members of the professions, that we are right and our cause is just while these people are hurling abuse around on social media.

It will take more than abuse to convince hundreds of millions that there is no such thing as the common cold, the flu or pneumonia or that diseases such as chickenpox or measles are not infectious when so much human experience shows that they are. One or two errant papers from many decades ago proves nothing.

The scientific and epidemiological evidence proving that infectious diseases do exist is so utterly overwhelming that anyone who attempted to question their importance in debate would quickly be dismissed as deluded at best and, at worst, as dangerously insane.

I believe that the conspiracy-controlled lefties, the ersatz communists, their strings pulled by billionaire Bilderbergers, welcome the backstabbing because they want to destroy our campaign for freedom. They want to control our past, our present and our future too, thank you very much, and they realise that the `no germ’ theory does immeasurable damage to our campaign in this war.

The ruthless selfishness and blind self-importance of the germ deniers and their enthusiasm for scattering shotgun-style abuse has already done massive damage to our side in this war and it is their work which will lead us directly into the world of social credit, digital currency and eternal slavery – a coming world which they appear to be doing absolutely nothing to prevent.

Fighting the conspirators is like sweeping up leaves on a stormy day, and the odoriferous wind produced by these people has made the task ever more difficult for those of us who truly care about freedom and the essence of humanity.

I have been banned, attacked and threatened by drug companies and government departments for decades and to have these ignorant trolls now hurling abuse is like being shat upon by seagulls while sitting on a sinking boat. Like many others fighting the conspirators, we work hard. Last Saturday evening, my wife and I sat down to watch a film when my wife suddenly pointed out that doctors were about to start jabbing the elderly with more of the covid-19 concoction and that we hadn’t published a warning. I rushed off and wrote an article entitled ‘The Return of the Care Home Massacre’ – which she proofed and put up on the website. The backstabbers don’t work like that, of course, because they don’t care enough: I suspect they produce a few lines of hatred and then go back to playing video games.

I fear that we know now who we will have to blame when we lose this war – an eventuality which in my despairing nightmares I fear is now oh too likely and, indeed, nigh on inevitable. The anonymous bloggers will doubtless all receive knighthoods from King Schwab.

Life would certainly be easier if I really were a computer-generated image.

I fear that the damage done by the backstabbers means that it is time for us all to batten down the hatches and prepare ourselves for the inevitable. The dark winter has started, in more ways than one, and I fear that the glimmer of hope to which we have clung for many months fades with each new day.

I feel so tired, so bloody tired, that I feel as though someone has stolen my body and replaced it with the body of an old, old man.

I’ll carry on writing articles for my website and doing what I can to share the truth, but I shan’t be doing any more videos, giving any more interviews or making any more speeches.

I’ve had enough abuse, thank you.

I hope that the malice-rich bloggers now will come out of hiding and spend time researching, writing and recording videos for absolutely no reward of any kind, give interviews, deliver speeches and generally expose themselves to the wrath of the conspirators.

It is time for the abusive bloggers to hold a torch and risk the loss of their social media accounts.

This world has become a harsh, cruel place and if I didn’t have my beloved Antoinette to love and look after I would no longer be here.

Dr. Vernon Coleman’s book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History was banned four times. But it is now available as a paperback and an eBook. If you’d like a copy please go to where another banned book Covid-19: Exposing Lies is now also available.