Dr Mark Trozzi – What’s really in the Covid “Vaccines”

These researchers did not find any graphene in the vials which they examined.
‘No graphene oxide or microcomputer chips were detected in any of the vials that were analyzed by this group’



by | Sep 23, 2022

More than 60 scientists collaborating between multiple laboratories in several nations reveal what is really in the injections and what is happening to the injection victims´ blood.

Hi Brian,Please extend thanks and blessings to gain-of-function expert Dr Sabine Stebel PhD, physicist Dr Ernst Hammel PhD, and a team of more than 60 scientists and experts for the most comprehensive scientific analysis we have to-date of the hidden secrets inside the nefarious misrepresented covid injections, and the sad consistent abnormalities in their victims´ blood.

Today I wish to share a very brief summary by myself of the main findings in both a 12 minute video and written format, and an excellent ten minute presentation by one of the lead researchers gain-of-function expert Dr Sabine Sebel PhD, followed by 22 stimulating minutes of Q and A with physicist Dr Ernst Hammel PhD joining her to address questions from global members of the World Council for Health: