Donbass. Stop killing us. Stop lying to us.

and this report from Russell Bentley being interviewed by Regis Tremblay.

The shelling is getting worse.

Why didn’t the Russians start the special operation by freeing Donetsk?

Why are Russians retreating anywhere in Ukraine?  It results in the massacre of civilians by the Ukrainian Nazis.

Russell’s friends are fighting near Donetsk.  They say that the Russian Ministry Of Defense reports are bs.

The numbers being claimed as killed are nonsense.

Why is it taking Russia so long to sort out the Ukraine?  Why is this shelling being allowed to continue?

It’s even increased.  This was the stated purpose of the Special Military Operation.

Why not stop the killing of civilians in Donetsk?

The Russian people are starting to get fed up.  Political and military catastrophe.

Putin’s Press conference at the SCO meeting –  ‘our goals have not changed’.  He lied.

Where is denazification?  They’re fucking up and it’s costing peoples’ lives.

Moscow’s full of people with money who don’t care.  Russian troops have all the weapons.

We lost Kharkiv while the Russians took a rest.

Public opinion is changing.  The Donbas people don’t trust Russia any more.

The Russian people are getting pissed off too.  They want the job done.

Is Russia losing?  No.  But Russia needs to change their whole approach, or they will lose.

Russia is killing the motivation of the people of Donbas who are doing the fighting.

Russell “Texas” Bentley with a very emotional and impassioned report on the horrors in Donetsk by the Ukrainian military and Nazi battalions. 13 killed today in the center of Donetsk City. We also discussed Russia’s predicament post the Ukrainian offensive.

The Russians don’t give Manpad missiles to Donbas troops, thinking they might shoot down Russian planes.  Ukrops fired rockets at a hospital in Donetsk.  Then the Russians lied about the incident saying it was shelling.  Russians have been less than genius’ throughout eight years of war.  Now the Russians are stretching credulity beyond belief.  Are the Russians really that stupid?  Or is there some thing else going on here?  Is Russia betraying Donbas as part of a deal?

We are true Russian patriots.  We’ll fight and die here.  We live under shelling every day and night.  We are defending Donbas, and Donbas is defending Russia.  Russia is defending the future of humanity.  Russia must unfuck this situation real quick.

Itapirkanmaa222 minutes ago
Herra X: See my Rumble soon: ‘”Moscow responds subtly to the arrogant negotiation terms of Zelensky, as Donetsk, Lugansk and Kherson called to hold referendums to join the Russian Federation immediately. Simply put: “We are going to take several regions for now, later the conditions will be worse”.
Militarily, not a very eventful day, but political repercussions of the referendum will likely affect the fronts. Andreevka bridgehead group is still getting pounded, and slowly retreats towards the river, unable to do anything. Ukrainian group destroyed attempting to cross Oskol river.
The attacks on Krasny Liman are loosing momentum, but there are signs that enemy may be regrouping, so another attack is possible. Russians took initiative near Ugledar taking several enemy positions in a reconnaissance by combat. Small skirmishes in Zaporozhye. Small advances in Bakhmut. Barbaric Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk. “



5 Responses to “Donbass. Stop killing us. Stop lying to us.”

  1. danceaway says:

    Those photos in the first video are terrible. These poor, poor people. I hope the report at the bottom of the post is indicative of progress. If the Ukrainians have lost so many soldiers, how do they manage to keep regrouping? Is it a huge influx of mercenaries ?

  2. Tapestry says:

    As Russell says the Russian MOD Ukrainian casualty figures are bs.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    Well the first casualty of war is always the truth isn’t it. This surely always applies to both sides in any war type conflict

    Russell seems to think that the Russian strategy should be the same as the Americans use. Massive assaults using overwhelming firepower and large territory gains. But I’ve listened to, and read, a military strategists and geopolitical analysts explaining Russian military doctrines, both from the west and Russia

    It seems that this isn’t how Russians go about things. They have a very different, a much more cautious, approach. Essentially the Russian military adopts a defensive posture as a default mode and minimises their own casualties. Perhaps understandable given their massive borders that need defending and their smaller army

    It also seems clear that their approach in Ukraine is truly an SMO, rather than full on war. Slowly slowly catchee monkey, and they do seem to be winning. And they don’t want to occupy all Ukie, just the Russian bit in the south and east. Who can blame them, why would they want to adopt the failed state and have to sort the whole place out? It would be a massive task and a massive liability

    Also wouldn’t they be unwise to commit too much of their army to Ukie and leave themselves short elsewhere. If they did that then you can bet your life that NATO would find the weak spots and exploit them

    I’m not making excuses for their cautious approach with their own troops and relying heavily on the local militias, just wondering if this is a factor in their caution

    Russell is understandably emotional, who wouldn’t be after seeing what he saw, but how reliable is is analysis? More detached and remote analysts certainly disagree with him that’s for sure

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Given the recent news about Russian mobilisation then maybe Russia is about to step up their game in the way Russell wants

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Given the recent news about Russian mobilisation then maybe Russia is about to step up their game in the way Russell wants