Doctor At A Large Teaching Hospital Provides Insights Into The Coming Cold & Flu Season

And some additional insights into covert tech.

My anonymous source emailed the following just now:

I spoke with a doctor friend yesterday.  While a lot of problematic events are coalescing around the world (pandemic, economic issues, war in Ukraine, threats against Taiwan, food and energy shortages, etc.) my friend has a singularity of focus on Medical issues due to his senior position at a large teaching hospital.

I talked to him yesterday with the same suppositions I emailed you, about the Chinese likely knowing a lot more about Covid than they let on.  He concurred, but went into a lot more detail.  He regularly discusses Australia as the canary in the coalmine.  They are emerging from their winter just as we are looking to shortly enter ours which in his mind makes them a good predictor of what’s to come in our winter here.


Australia’s flu season started earlier than usual, which would correlate to ours starting in Oct.  This would be right during the 14 day (technically unvaccinated yet excessively vulnerable status) of those who chased down and got the dual variant vaccine as soon as they could.

His concerns are as follows:

Australia had by far their worst flu/covid season ever.  More illness and death than anything on record for them.  Yet they are well over 90% vaccinated.

My friend is predicting the same situation to occur in the US.  But of specific mention is the fact that Australia is seeing more and more reinfections from covid as well as chronic issues caused by covid.  Problems include lungs, heart, brain, kidney, as well as general immunity issues.  Over the long term, constant Covid reinfection IS worse than the flu!

Life expectancy is declining dramatically there (as it is in the US and other vaccinated countries).

Imagining COVID is ‘like the flu’ is cutting thousands of lives short. It’s time to wake up (

He was my earlier source and again cited Omicron variant Ba2.75 (also known as Omicron 22d or Centaurus) as most likely leading the next wave.  I checked on Nextstrain and indeed it is now up to 5% of reported global infections.  This is the first time I’ve seen it this high and it is growing while the other variants are in decline. It nearly doubled since their last report.

Nextstrain / ncov / gisaid / global / 6m

He was agreeing with my email from yesterday that there is a good PROBABILITY that China knows a lot more about Covid than we do, and that it may (over the long term) be much worse than we know.  Especially if your immune system is compromised due to the vaccine.  That’s the reason for their zero covid policy, their lockdowns (despite crushing their economy,) their spraying down the streets while dressed in hazmat suits, and their not using an mRNA vaccine themselves, etc.

He thought it both ironic but intentional that at the same time the WHO is releasing statements that they think the pandemic is ending, that governments around the world are ending mandatory testing and reducing their reporting on covid infections.  Some reporting is being entirely eliminated.  Thus automatically fulfilling their prophecy of the pandemic in remission.

End of COVID-19 pandemic is ‘in sight’, WHO director says (

The problem my friend sees is:  If the new Ba2.75 wave he’s predicting hits, with tracking virtually eliminated, we may easily be deceived into believing whatever “the experts” tell us.

As people die of pneumonias and other organ related failures due to covid, or from depleted immune systems caused by the covid vaccine, other things will be blamed, perhaps the return of the flu, stress, climate change, (maybe increased background radiation issues from a Russian tactical nuke used in Ukraine) whatever.

Bottom line: Like I, he fears that covid (and the vaccine effect) is a lot more serious in the long run than we know.  We are in for one tough winter.

Worse still, we are being set up to be deceived again as to what’s causing it all, it ‘ll be Anything But Covid (or vaccine) related according to the government/pharmaceutical experts because according to them, the pandemic is ending.

My source wrote to me yesterday the following, which relates to the above:

When I was growing up in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, every year like clockwork, a couple of FBI agents would show up at our door.  This was back in the day when the FBI was actually non-partisan and focused on protecting the security of the nation.  The reason for their annual visit was to do a background check on a neighbor of ours.  He worked in a highly classified area of the defense industry: testing, assembling, and launching military satellites.  They asked questions about his behavior, his family, did he drink, did he gamble, etc.?  But that’s not the reason I’m writing about this.  I’m telling this story as an example as to how far behind the curve the public often is in terms of what governments are doing in secret.

Some 35 years later, all grown up, my (surviving) family and I were invited to a 50 year wedding anniversary the gentleman and his wife were celebrating.  Although they had long ago moved away from where I grew up, most of their friends from early in their marriage, as well as one of their kids and grandchildren, still resided in the original area, so they decided to celebrate in the area they had lived back then.

As a side note, in college I had majored in Political Science.  At the time, Strategic Arms Reduction Talks between the US and Soviet Union were in progress.  One of my advanced courses dealt with studying all types of weapons systems both existing and in development.  We had to learn their capabilities and the other side’s abilities to defeat those systems.  The purpose was to figure out what systems were best to offer as a bargaining chip; something that would soon be obsolete but could be negotiated away in the treaty, thus trading something without any future value in exchange for something that had real strategic value.  We studied everything from high tech publications, government budget allocations, DARPA reports (although highly redacted one could often decipher what they said by co-referencing other sources).

With my limited knowledge, and unlimited curiosity, when I was catching up with the gentleman at his wedding anniversary party, I got a free moment to reminisce with him about the old neighborhood.  I brought up the stories of the FBI visiting each year to ask him about.  He laughed.  Then I flat out asked him, “Since it was 35 years ago, can you talk about what it is you were working on.”  Answer…”Some of it.”  I asked if it was the Keyhole (reconnaissance) Satellite program?  (One of the systems I learned about in college.) He was surprised I knew about that but said “NO, it was not.”   Then he gave in.  “I was working on GPS,” he said.  “Global positioning systems.”

Granted, I’m a lay person, well educated, but still naïve.  It took me a moment or two, before I was dumbfounded.  I realized that GPS had been rolled out to our cell phones and cars in the mid 1990’s.  It had been somewhat declassified in the mid 1980’s by President Reagan to enable proof that a Korean airliner shot down by the Russians was indeed in international air space.  But this gentleman was working on the system in the 1960’s, 15 years before that.  Undoubtedly they were using it for military (targeting and tracking) purposes long before the public ever knew about it.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid.  Yes, I believe that Fauci, NIH, EcoHealth Alliance, etc., were all involved in the development of and research done on the Covid 19 virus at the Wuhan Lab.  ALL TOP SECRET and CLASSIFIED!  They undoubtedly did not want the public to know what was really going on.   Likewise, I’m sure the Chinese wanted it kept secret.  But the million dollar question is, who was keeping the secrets from whom?  Were Fauci and company hoodwinked?  Would the Chinese have divulged everything being done in the lab?  Would the Chinese have shared everything they were learning about the virus?  If they learned something of incredible value in some way, would they have shared all the info with the Americans financing the research or would they have kept some of the info close to the vest?

When I think back to how public knowledge was 15 years behind what the military was doing in terms of GPS.  I realize that the same has to be true today as to research being done on viruses.  Add to that the fact that while Fauci and Company likely allocated the money to the lab, the Chinese did most of the ongoing research at the lab.  Is it possible, IF NOT LIKELY, that while Fauci and company know a lot more than we (the public) know about the virus, it is likely SAFE TO BELIEVE that the Chinese know a lot more than Fauci knows.

This leads to greater questions.  Why are the Chinese insisting on pursuing their ZERO COVID Policy??   Why the lockdowns despite the fact that they decimate their economy and cause unrest amongst their people??  Why did the Chinese choose not to use an mRNA vaccine??  Have you ever wondered why they regularly spray their streets and buildings with some sort of toxic chemical while wearing hazmat suits whenever an outbreak occurs??  Could it be that they are several years ahead of what we know in terms of what the virus does to people and are acting accordingly without sharing their knowledge??

More and more research on Covid is being done in the west and needs to be done.  Recent studies lead to the hypothesis that Covid infections cause degradation of cancer suppressing cellular activity.  That covid causes a form of amyloidosis and micro clotting of the blood.  That long covid may be a result of these micro clots.  That the Mrna vaccines may cause as much or more damage than the virus itself.  (Rintrah reports that 80% of people with light chain amyloidosis are dead within 10 years and we’re two years into high rates of excess mortality.)

All these studies lead to more valid questions.  Are the Chinese acting the way they are because they already know the answers?   In 10 years, will most of us be dead?

It’s time to TELL CHINA to PUT UP OR SHUT UP?  Tell us what they know about covid or else we take concrete action against them.

Oh, that’s right, President Biden is talking about dealing with China.  He wants to eliminate Trumps tariffs as a way to help reduce the inflation his own policies have caused.  Good job Joe, I’m sure that will help get the Chinese to come clean about what they did and what they really know about Covid.

The above perfectly gibes with what this substack has been warning about for many months now.

I highly suggest that both unvaccinated and especially “vaccinated” individuals run ivermectin at prophylactic doses as well as daily administration of powerful nutraceuticals like VIR-X ahead of what is all but certain to be a most disastrous winter.


7 Responses to “Doctor At A Large Teaching Hospital Provides Insights Into The Coming Cold & Flu Season”

  1. danceaway says:

    The story from this chap’s childhood re the FBI is useful information about time lines for us all, and an engaging read!
    But IS it a virus per se, or graphene oxide causing radiation sickness when activated by 5G as Ricardo Delgado explains? The virus has never been isolated, and quite a few doctors don’t believe viruses exist. ( Dr Sam Bailey, Andy Kaufman etc.)

  2. Weaver says:

    The work of Ricardo Delgado is exceptional for providing evidence away from the virus theory. I believe it is the graphene oxide that is creating the problem together with the other ingredients in the gene therapy.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Weaver this really rings a bell for me:

    “That covid causes a form of amyloidosis and micro clotting of the blood. That long covid may be a result of these micro clots.”

    I’ve been suffering from a mild long covid type illness for a few weeks now. This despite not having had covid, as far as I know anyway, since February 2021. It’s not as bad as my previous long covid from last year but it has still slowed me down physically, lacking energy, a real pain in the ass [Context, I’m still walking 10 to 12k every day with my 2 dogs, not too bad for a septuagenarian]

    I made an appointment with my holistic practitioner a few weeks back and eventually saw her last Tuesday [she’s understandably very busy because she is very effective]

    She told me that I’ve got long covid again, damn! And she prescribed a silkworm enzyme called Serrapeptase, combined with another from fermented soyabeans called Nattokinase

    Brand: Good Health Naturally
    Product: Blockbuster All Clear
    Subtext: Supports Arterial and Cardiovascular Health

    To quote her directly:

    “Serrapeptase benefits are immune support and dissolving blood clots. Nattokinase benefits include ability to break down and remove debris from the body”

    She also prescribed a probiotic, quercetin Nettle complex and 3 liquid homeopathics from Germany. I started them all today after receiving them all yesterday. Told me to maintain daily vit C too

    Btw, my practitioner uses the terms covid and long covid as labels rather than any endorsement of the official stories. She’s seen 3 waves of patients in the past 2.5 years. First covid, then long covid, then vaxx damage. She’s treated many folk all with symptoms that categorise into these 3 groups

  4. Weaver says:

    Hi, Pete, I am sorry to hear that you have been ill. I do not know whether this information may be of any help but my daughter got married this year and a week after her wedding a lot of people came down with Covid-like symptoms. Our daughter came to stay with us with her 10-month-old baby she was too ill to look after herself. I had read a lot about chlorine dioxide but never used it but out of sheer desperation as my daughter was so ill started her off with one dose. Within a matter of one hour, there was an improvement after four hours symptoms had subsided, and by day two back to normal. Here is the link on Tap for the artlcal on chlorine dioxide, I have never come across anything so effective and have taken alternative therapies for many years. Whatever people are getting now is not like a normal infection this is different how can people at one event get ill and yet within our small village everyone else was fine? It does not make sense that maybe this illness is being passed on through contact and touch.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks Weaver that is very very interesting. I became ill after a wedding at the end of July but quite mild. It was only at the end of August that my symptoms became worse. I will try this, very much appreciated Weaver, thanks so much. Best wishes Pete

  5. danceaway says:

    Such important information you have given Pete, Weaver, and such an interesting account of your experience with chlorine dioxide. Thank you for sharing in this way. It is so valuable to everyone; there is nothing better than personal stories! Everyone loves them!

  6. Weaver says:

    Thank you, Pete and Danceaway for your comments. I think now more than ever personal experience is very important. The more interesting development of taking the chlorine dioxide was the clearing of the lungs through coughing large amounts of green/brown phlegm. Again I have never experienced anything like that before. My daughter made a complete reovery within a matter of days.