Do we have a problem, Houston?

Heads up Houston! This “exercise” ends on September 23rd. Funny how those things end up being a real event sometimes…especially with what we’ve been hearing about the 24th…

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Heads up, Houstonians! Law enforcement agencies will begin their annual training exercises this week, and you may hear it in your neighborhood.

Starting Tuesday, the Department of Defense and the Houston Police Department will conduct training for multiple agencies throughout the city of Houston. The training ends on Friday, Sept. 23.

HPD said that the annual training is “aimed to better improve service to our communities and are not in response to any current events.”

HPD warned that Houstonians might hear loud noises or see low-flying helicopters as part of their exercises.

Authorities said that the public should not be alarmed during the training exercises.

Those with non-urgent concerns or inquiries can call 311.


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