Denmark: No More COVID Vaccines Offered for Under-50

2nd Smartest Guy in the World – Sept 14, 2022

As this substack has been warning, the mea culpas and narrative flip flops have always been part of the PSYOP-19/DEATHVAX™ scam. More of these governmental and agency offerings and updates will occur as they concurrently declare new “pandemics” and associated mandates. Maximum CogDis will be mass induced en route to societal revolt. At least that is the One World Government’s plan.

Today it’s people under 50, tomorrow it will be every single person. And yet perhaps a majority of the planet’s population are now genetically modified humans.

Also, PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE is on deck…

by Igor Chudov

An interesting update from Denmark’s Health authority. It was published yesterday.

Denmark will no longer offer boosters and vaccines to persons under 50.

This new policy is relatively soft: if someone under 50 insists on having some special risk from Covid, they are still allowed to get the booster. But, in a bit of good news, the general public under 50 is NOT offered boosters.

As for the primary series vaccines (which nobody is taking anymore), they will also “not be offered” to the general public:

I would not describe “not offering” as a ban, because some narrow groups of people under-50 can still get Covid vaccines and boosters, but it is great news overall.

Just curious: does Denmark have some information about these boosters that it is not sharing with us, that made it decide against vaccinating and boosting young people?

Do NOT comply.

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