Conflict between Armenia & Azerbaijan. Russia considers power up from SMO to ATO.

Alex Christoforou; is the flare up in the long-conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan intended to distract Russia. Armenia contacted both Putin and Macron by phone late at night.  Information in the comments regarding the A and A conflict and the leadership.

If Russia were to move from the SMO to ATO it would free the hands of the military who are presently operating with hands tied behind their back. Military could  do what military is there to do. Would be a big game changer.Wagner group making good progress.

EU economy crumbling; gas being delivered via Ukraine; would this continue: Ukraine 100% dependant on the US.

Big companies in EU – steel – closing down. Demand drying up for domestic electrical products as well. Job losses, no income, less spending power – chain reaction is huge; absolute train wreck of a disaster. If Russia does decide to move to an ATO, this next week or two could be a game changing moment as far as the trajectory of this conflict. Z and the West is seeing this as going on; see this as a protracted extended war; asking for long range weapons. Article in The Hill which indicated that the West think that since Russia has not yet really reacted to pin-prick provocations, that Russia is bluffing. All the signs are that there is going to be a major change.