5 Responses to “Charles Before being crowned. Great Reset. We Have No Choice. suggested by Sovereigntea.”

  1. Deepseaninja says:

    NOT my king, not anyones king. Same as QE2 was never anyones queen, sworn in as there was no stone in place.
    Lets see if the Stone of Destiny turns up under the throne at the coronation…….. Doubt it

  2. Aldous says:

    I know that it doesn’t add any knowledge of substance to the comment thread for which I apologize but this unelected inbred THING makes my flesh crawl and blood run cold whenever I see it or hear it speak.
    WTF does it think it is? He can’t even talk coherently and looks like a dungball in a suit in spite of his mega-bucks Savile Row attire.
    I assume he has a valet or two to dress him amongst other things? He doesn’t look much capable of wiping his own bum, never mind tying a Battenberg/Windsor Knot.
    I weep and blush for British citizens – I mean subjects – in having to endure this archaic royal nightmare that has no place in today’s nightmare. .

    • ian says:

      They love us ordinary folks Aldous, that’s why they call us useless eaters.