Canadians Beg Mounties to Enforce the Law – Sept 10, 2022

On Sept. 3, Manitoba forensic engineer Ken Drysdale addressed about 100 people in front of RCMP HQ in Winnipeg to demand the police force launch a criminal investigation into the covidscam.

No police spokesman or mass media showed up. Nevertheless, every Member of Parliament, every Member of the Senate, and every Police service in the country has been served with copies of Drysdale’s 75 page report.  The report has been downloaded and copied approximately 250,000 times, and copies have and are being sent to every institution in every province and territory in Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people have been mobilized in this effort. Drysdale’s speech below is a rare eloquent and honest assessment of the Communist coup d’etat that has taken place.

By Ken Drysdale – (abridged by

You know, this country has seen wars before, but nothing like this one.

And at war we most certainly are.

But a war unlike any other! …

Today our entire country, our way of life our future is at stake…the enemy looks like us, lives amongst us, and is very patient.

Most of us did not even notice the creeping menace that was attacking us.

They infiltrated our schools, our government, our government agencies, our institutions, even our Police.

Continues …

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