Canadian log cabin dweller explains how to stop sending 50% of your heat up the chimney

‘It sure takes a lot less wood, and I’m keeping a lot more of the heat,’ he says

The pot on the stove is not for cooking.  It’s full of wax which is a great heat store taking a lot of heat to melt and then it slowly releases warmth as it re-solidifies over many hours.  The funny looking chimney attachment runs gases up an 8 inch diameter flue, and inside that is a 5 inch flue, through which cold air courses from the floor and emerges hot.  Most ingenious.  He seems just like a hillbilly, but this one ain’t dumb at all.

He reduced the size of the firebox so the air accelerates through it, and makes the fire much hotter.

He’s spent thirty years perfecting his techniques so if you are a beginner, I suggest you listen good.