Bakhmut surrounded. Poking at Russia and hoping for escalation – Alex and Alexander

The West wants Russia to declare war; it would still any debate in the west about looking for a diplomatic compromise.It would play directly into western hands at this particular time. It would solidify the position of the hard liners, the Ursula von der leyen’s, ( Harbeck has just seized Russian oil refineries in Germany). They want a Russian declaration of war, that entrenches them, it makes their position politically stronger, then they could say we are not dealing with a country that is amenable, but one that is declaring a war of aggression against its neighbours. They would get the political win, the centralisation of power win, but they don’t mind if they lose the economy. They don’t care about the people; the elite will be fine. The people will become poor overnight. We can deal with that, we lock them up, we can censor them. This would be a win for them.

Not a popular policy in Germany but one which they are following. They are going to intensify repression even further. Just three people have taken Germany off the cliff, with the foot on the accelerator.

Patrick Henningsen in his most recent Sunday Wire radio broadcast pointed out that Germany is not independent, it has been a vassal state of the US ever since the end of WWII.    Episode 433  Royal Ascent or Descent?


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  1. newensign says:

    I found their comments on Germany interesting Danceaway, in that they think Germany is governed by Germans, which is far from the truth, they are still ruled by the allies using KM proxies pretending to be German, although in the background, running parallel with little power is the Zweite Deutscher Reich. Using the word NAZI (Ashkenasi) is a means of demonising the German people who are our Saxon cousins.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      It’s not so clear to me newensign. They certainly don’t mention your point, which I think is probably correct

      But we should consider that this vid is less than 30 minutes long, and they surely can’t mention everything relevant in it. Certainly I found that what they DID say about Germany was very well founded overall. They made some very strong points and I’m not sure how your point would have enhanced what they had to say

      The other point to make is that these guys monetise their work, The Duran is a subscription site isn’t it. . As such one of their first rules must be “Know your audience”. So I can well imagine that they know perfectly well that what you say is correct, but omit it for commercial reasons

      I watched the whole 30 minutes and overall I was very impressed, it was hard to fault anything that they DID say. The EU totalitarians, and the European, so called, “National” politicians clearly do NOT work for the people in any way. That is patently obvious and that was very clear in this vid. In fact there a few counties that escape the globalist yoke in Europe, Hungary springs to mind, but where else?

      Finally I’ve watched these guys regularly through this fascinating battle of ideologies, often prompted by Tap posts, often by YouTube front page. I must say that their track record is excellent. They rarely get it wrong and, when they do then, they admit it and reassess their position. This is one of the hallmarks of real, honest, journalists. Something that you almost NEVER see in the mainstream

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks newensign, that is quite a stunning link, very informative and puts your correct point in stark terms

      “”The Second World War has not ended, because a peace treaty has not been signed between Germany and the Allies,” ” Ebel says, “The peace contract is the most important thing that we need and want.” Because there is no formal peace treaty between Germany and the Allies, headed by the United States, German sovereignty is compromised. “Until we have a peace treaty, Germany is a colony of the United States.””

      Even if the 2 guys knew this then I can understand their reluctance to use it because most Germans don’t know that!

      • newensign says:

        Thanks for your comments Pete, most people do not know where the real power lies or who the real enemy is! Most states are just pawns in the game, few know that Belgium is a colony of the City of London – the spoils of the Battle of Waterloo, following the Treaty of London and created by an act of Parliament. The EU being run from Portcullis House opposite the Houses of Parliament.

  2. danceaway says:

    Agreed, newensign. That is why I added in the bit from Patrick, so that people can hear a different view, although I do not know that Patrick is quite as informed as you. I would have to ask him! He really gave it ‘full barrels’ on Sunday re Germany! It is in the first half of the programme if you were to listen. He has a very clear, pleasant speaking voice, so not a chore to listen!
    I find disappointing that there are some basics which Alexander misses, such as this, because he has many strengths. One is the ability to relate past and present because he has knowledge of the history of events in parts of the world many westerners lack, or see through a particular lense. Because of his Greek ancestry he is in many ways less prejudiced.

    • newensign says:

      Thanks for mentioning Patrick Danceaway, I will have a look at that – what with having to do other jobs, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the items coming in!! Their information is excellent, just a pity they have a blind spot, but then its understandable, the amount of brainwashing we have all been subject to, including the presenters even more so being younger. I thought Alexander being Greek would be more Jew Savvy as Orthodox Christians weren’t infiltrated to the extent western Christians have.

    • ian says:

      I’m swamped just now with stuff to read. Excellent info here danceaway. I wish the days were a few hours longer. You have uncovered some good info recently.