AV12 – This Sunday 9am UK Time

The Alternative View 12

The Alternative View 12 is nearly upon us. For those of you with an inquiring mind an an appetite for alternative views AV12 offers a full packed day with some very interesting presentations is the offing.

Brian Gerrish
The Battle for Our Minds

Gemma O’Doherty
Ireland Has Fallen Into The Depths Of Tyranny Again After Its 800 Year Fight For Freedom

Thomas Sheridan
What We Have, We Will Continue to Hold

Mark Steel
The Covert Asymmetrical 5G Led Warfare Agenda

Max Igan
The Great Revealing

Gary Fraughen
Zombies, Demons and Magick Squares

David DuByne
Climate Food & Economy : What Happens Now to Spring 2023

Apparent craziness is happening in the world. AV12 aims to ask if it’s just bad management by the political class or being driven by a cyclical energetic change that terrifies the parasites in charge and forcing them to act and show their hand to save their necks.

Join host Brian Gerrish and the team and let’s ask the difficult questions.

Full info and tickets at www.alternativeview.co.uk