2 Responses to “Australian doctors speaking out and organising; but is it too late? Has faith in doctors been lost?”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    Yes it has, irretrievably too I think

    This lady summed it up well:

    The reckoning is inevitable. There will be no hiding place for them

    Why else would doctors accept remote diagnosis like they are doing? It flies in the face of all their training? It’s very difficult to visit a doctor in my local surgery now, they make it as difficult as possible. I avoid them like the plague anyhow unless there is absolutely no alternative

    They surely must realise what’s coming, they aren’t stupid, well, not all of them anyway

  2. RKae says:

    Yes, faith in doctors has been lost, and it’s a damned good thing that it is!

    The medical industry is a criminal syndicate. More people need to shun the pill-pushers!