1. newensign says:

    Also interesting, a doctor saying he had never saw cancer in an unvaccinated person!

  2. danceaway says:

    Yes, I noticed that, too, newensign.
    But Ian R Crane was never jabbed, and had cancer. There are probably other causes of cancer as well.

    My late husband lived in the tropics so perhaps had vaccines? I don’t know, but he certainly never had them here in the UK, but he developed cancer. Both his siblings also died of cancer, so all their international travel as children requiring vaccines, even that long ago? I don’t know what vaccines were around in the 40’s and 50’s when they were travelling to and from Africa.

  3. Aldous says:

    @ danceaway and newensign
    Cancer is essentially an immune deficiency problem and alert that the body’s Immune System (IS) is struggling for whatever reason – lifestyle and diet being the usual suspects.
    Obviously ones genes come into it and the fact that some people live to be a 100
    while some die much younger is testament to this.
    Cancer is in effect a ‘sentinel’ that something needs to be done.
    The Immune System is a living entity within every one of us keeping us alive every day. God-given or Nature-given, it doesn’t really matter. Without the Immune System, none of us would last for very long.
    When a cancer manifests itself, in say an organ, the Immune System has had to abandon that organ because it is struggling as its main purpose is to keep the host alive.
    Removing that particular organ – say a kidney – won’t solve the problem at all as the cancerous kidney is the effect and not the cause.
    Big Pharma know all this stuff which is why they are compromising the Immune System at every opportunity (jabs etc) and at the earliest possible age effectively creating customers for life. Regards.

  4. danceaway says:

    I also find Dr Hamer’s thesis that emotional trauma can cause cancer very compelling. He was a doctor who treated cancer patients in Germany, and then developed cancer himself after his son died. He then began pursuing this idea and found that many of his patients also developed cancer after suffering severe trauma I have posted the video about this here on The Tap just a few weeks ago.