Alexander’s views of Liz Truss as Prime Minister

Mood in country is one of fatalism bordering on despair sense of bad choice; continues to darker the general mood.

Telegraph gives her 6 weeks. Never known things in Britain to be so bad and think with this pm it’s going to get worse.

She is opportunistic and unprincipled; changes her political position. Has no political flair; comes across as an apparatchik  but not as dual as Theresa May.

Entire political class is neo-liberal/globalist to some extent. She was the least objectionable in the field. Are left with the lowest common denominator candidate; lacks the ‘smarts’ of BJ.

Wrong person at the wrong time; symptom of governmental collapse.

Starmer – alternative in which no one believes.

Feels as though we are on the Titanic with the Captain of the ship not up to the job.

Alexander has never been so concerned.


4 Responses to “Alexander’s views of Liz Truss as Prime Minister”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    It really does show how low we’ve sunk that this nonentity could be PM, almost beyond belief

    This is what Craig Murray said about her yesterday

    “During the Tory leadership campaign it was impossible to protect Liz Truss entirely from scrutiny and questioning, therefore it became blindingly obvious that she is actually pretty stupid. She cannot deliver a script at all, and when asked to think off script, a look of panic enters her eyes, a crazed smile freezes on her lips, and she says the very first thought that fights its way out of the dense matter that sits where her brain ought to be.

    But now the carapace of deference and protection that surrounds a Prime Minister closes around her. The media are already changing the narrative. Journalists have not previously felt the need to hide their amusement at her intellectually challenged demeanour. Now, in the past 48 hours, I have heard correspondent after correspondent tell us that she is “hard working” and always “masters her brief”. That is plainly the approved narrative.”

    It won’t end well. And probably that is the intention

  2. Gordon says:

    Sir Keir Starmer’s got it right. “Change of face, same policies.”

    Former Conservative PM Theresa May asked the question “Why have all three female prime ministers been Conservative?” The answer to that question is not so much to do with ones political affiliation but rather that there isn’t a man man enough to do the job, e.g. take Truss’ predecessor. Can it be said that the previous two female PMs did a marvellous job, I think not!

    “The Thatcher government that came to power in 1979 with privatisation as a minor part of its manifesto, but it became a central part of its ideology as the 1980s progressed. Many industries and utilities that had been nationalised in the Attlee government of 1945-51 were made into private companies: in industries, steel, railways, airways, airports and aerospace; and, of the utilities, gas, electricity, telecoms and water. – Bad move Maggie – The process has continued to the present day, with the 2013 privatisation of the Royal Mail.” Then there was Thatcher’s fight with the unions which she saw as having too much power. By the time it was over Britain was never the same with national strike after strike and rationing of electricity memberships of the unions took a heavy blow and dropped from 12 million to under six million and no doubt have decreased further today. Then there was the Poll Tax – Enough said on that one.

    From Maggie May we come to Theresa May.
    Just as Conservatives struck in 1990 while Mrs Thatcher was in Paris at a Nato summit to celebrate the end of the Cold War, Mrs May was out of the country, visiting European capitals, when the vote into her leadership was triggered. Cunning? No. Cowardly? Yes.

    See: 5 Blunders that led to Theresa May’s downfall.

    Will Liz Truss be any better, I fear not, she is already in hot water with the anti frackers’ by wanting to frack for gas. She also wants to put a freeze on energy bills but the 100 billion will have to paid back by the tax payer. So where’s the sense in that when people in all walks of life are already struggling. Personally, I think Corbyn had the right idea by wanting to renationalise energy but that didn’t go down well with the greed of the market.

  3. Deepseaninja says:

    Whats the difference between the Uk and Titanic?
    At least the lights were on when Titanic sank……..