Alex discusses the proposed referendums in Donbass and the Turkey banks banning Russia’ s Mir Card

If the referendums take place, and it the Russian Duma were to accept them into the Russian Federation, this would change everything. It would no longer be a SMO; Ukrainian attacks would be attacks on Russia itself. It would change the whole dynamics of the conflict, turn everything on its head.

Alex doubts that the people of Donbass are coming up with this on their own. Imagines they have the green light from the Kremlin. Could this partly explains the withdrawal from Kharkov, the northern region? Create a border? Need to watch closely.

Turkey’s businesses will suffer without Russian tourists. For now these techniques work for the west. Did it with Huawei; their business has diminished, Russia is responding by making it easier for tourists to travel to Russia; planning to make their electronic visa more accessible.

Germany wants to ban Russia and Belarus from EURO 2024. But will they have the means to host such an event? Electricity?