Alex Christoforou tackles the seriousness of the news events today


Russia has been caught off guard around Iyzum; both sides bringing in reinforcements. Ukraine getting the PR win they have been looking for? Coincides with Blinken’s visit; he brought funds for many countries to try to win them over. Will he succeed? Does the Kremlin realise they are fighting about 30 countries? Not looking good for Russia at the moment?

Freeland looking be head of Nato; they want a woman so that rules out Boris; knowing her political history and positions makes this very concerning.

Russian tennis players at US Open do not have their country labeled next to the score on the boards as is normal. Blatant discrimination.

Alex is understandably very sombre today; an important listen.

Have the Ukrainian successes in catching the Russian National Guard unsupported by Russian military happened because the decision makers were so far away in the East and perhaps did not keep their eye in the ball?

Is Putin more a manager than a war leader?  Alexander says that many in Russia are furious. Alexander compares this to what happened in Syria when Putin kept negotiating and eventually they lost Palmyra.




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  1. Tapestry says:

    Never disturb your enemy when he is making a mistake. Be prepared to be made to look dumb if you can persuade your enemy you actually are dumb.