Alex Christoforou reporting news from Aristotle’s School in Athens – Thursday morning

Zaporozhye NPP assault. CNN, US Kherson war-gaming. Elensky Italian villa rents to Russians. Update 1
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Clip from the US news  – WH has laid it out  their strategy, target for the mid-terms; MAGA is the ‘enemy within’. They are like the EU; they telegraph what they are going to do, where they are taking us. No solutions or explanations for the mess; just lies. Real goal is reset ( German minister Annalina giggly about it.)

ZNPP – amphibious assault has just happened as he is speaking; 6 am, seven boats; 4 shells exploded ( reading from Russian Ministry Report). Where did the orders come from? Will MSM report it or will it be memory holed, walked back, spun? Was it to throw Z under the bus? Who knows?

Alex then gives considerable attention to a CNN article based on information from the Pentagon and leaves the link. Pentagon admits it is war gaming; that the US is  running the show. Partisan population means terrorists. Admission of sabotage. Darya assassination – would have had help from more powerful forces. Could another reason have been to attack Eurasianism? Confirmation that US will trade Ukrainian lives for Russian artillery fire.

Confirmation that B Johnson ruined peace initiative in April.

Link to detailed and revealing  CNN article:

US war-gamed with Ukraine ahead of counteroffensive and encouraged more limited mission

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