Alex Christoforou – Friday 2 September; Biden’s dystopian speech, memory holing botched raid of ZNPP

Biden speech in Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, not a campaign speech.

Terrifying, Satanic, Dystopian, like something out of a Hollywood film. 1984. Images, set design, video; historic; defines the leaders of our time; can’t hide their evil any longer; 1984 authoritarian, dystopian mode.

Threatening; the enemy is the 80 million America first citizens for their “extreme ideology” “that threatens the very foundation of our democracy”.

Strategy to distract from current leadership; pure projection.

(Using the ‘let me be clear’ phraseology of Theresa May and EU spokespeople. Part of the script?)

MSM – no mention of botched raid on ZNPP. Something out of a movie script. Seems to have been Bojo’s plan; troops trained in UK.  Russian Intel seems to have been aware from the beginning; set a trap. MSM memory holing it. It never happened.

No mention of Kherson or Z. Clear indication going badly. Not pulling back, sending in more troops to be annihilated. Hoping Russian artillery will run out so their superior manpower will win?

Poland claiming reparations from Germany; Law of the Jungle; countries see powerful Germany being brought down, so think now is their time.

BJ advocating everyone buy a new kettle; becoming clearer now that he prevented peace agreement in April and ordered the counter-offensive, thus bearing large responsibility for the dire state of UK and EU.