Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace: 1958 (Full)

Aldous Huxley shares his visions and fears for this brave new world.


Hard to believe that slow, deep, nuanced conversations like this were once normally broadcast on tv

This guy’s supposed to be so brilliant when it’s OBVIOUS that he jumped into a time machine, traveled to 2022 to observe the U.S., and then traveled back to his own time. You’re not fooling me, Dr. Huxley.

Alan Watts on Huxley: “He was such a magnificent conversationalist that once, while I was having lunch with him in a San Francisco restaurant, all those at the adjoining tables fell silent to listen to him.”

Remarkable that we must listen to an interview from 1958 to understand what’s happening in 2021.
He was way ahead of his time – it’s eerie! “There are none more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe
The last two minutes made my blood curdle. How prophetic is this man, especially in that era, where hope was so prevalent.
Wallace allows the interviewee to work through ENTIRE thought processes with NO interruptions. Amazing that I find this amazing. Huxley could never be interviewed by anyone today.