3 Responses to “A video about the coming financial bail-ins which was quickly removed – must have hit a nerve?”

  1. ian says:

    It’s how I’d do it. Crash the economies. Close the banks and seize everyone’s assets. Shut down the internet and cell/mobile phone networks, and let everything go crazy for a couple of weeks. Then as a “Temporary!!”, solution to stabilise everything, I’d offer universal basic allowances. Just of course till things get worked out. I’d then create false flags, where fat lazy poor people were fiddling the system and getting more than everyone else, and I’d use this to bring in compulsory IDs, as in, no ID no allowance. Then I’d leave it for a while to settle in. You can in the meantime by various means, destroy Europe and the West in general as industrial nations, and from this melting pot will come a great reset.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Blimey Ian, I’m glad that you are inside our tent and pissing out, rather than outside our tent pissing in

      The phones bit would be far too drastic though. Remove those and there would be a mass mental breakdown from everyone below 45 ;-))

      • ian says:

        I know what you’re saying Pete. It just seems to be brewing that way. I know what you mean about the phones too Pete, a step too far probably, and they’d need them to track everyone and eavesdrop on suspected trouble makers. ;-).