Lavrov UN speech; Macron; Prisoner Exchange; Referenda begin. Alex Christoforou – 23 September Update 1

At the UN – Who was sitting behind Blinken? Victoria Nuland. Blinken may have been speaking the words, but the words come from Nuland. She is the puppeteer.

Lavrov did not pull any punches; he was on fire. Alex gives a few quotes.

Macron; we are not at war with Russia; that is the new narrative.

Prisoner exchange: Brian at The New Atlas points out that the exchange of so many Ukrainians could make soldiers less hesitant about surrendering.

The referenda begin. Ukraine using terorist tactics to try to deter people from voting.

The entire Zaparosya region is voting. That would make Ukraine an occupier in a large portion.

The current situation is the fault of Germany and France for not enforcing the Minsk agreements. A Federation of sorts could have continued to function. Now they are set to lose a total of five regions.

Zalensky being pally with Clinton Foundation; tells all you need to know; globalists/neo-cons through and through. Ukraine has been their playground for ten years. One reason they are so incensed.

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