Alex Christoforou – 19 September; insightful programme

Alex explains so clearly with examples, how the EU controls/blackmails member states to do their bidding via withholding funds for noncompliance, and that is what they are doing now with Hungary. Their hope is that those who would be the recipients of these funds will put pressure on Orban and force him out.

He also explains that Pelose is in Armenia to  try to break up their protective alliance with Russia. She is the new John McCain; wherever he went, a colour revolution followed. Now she is fulfilling his role.

He then dissects/interprets Biden’s recent statements.

An excellent programme of analysis from Alex; clear, understandable, comprehensive.


2 Responses to “Alex Christoforou – 19 September; insightful programme”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    The usual high standard from Alex

    I was particularly interested by his quote, at the 34 minute mark, from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley. In the context of Taps advice about 24th September then, I found those words of Milley quite ominous. They possibly indicate something nefarious from the US. Is a game changing false flag in Poland going to be used to kick off the Great Reset? Or am I being a bit paranoid

    Tap isn’t the only one that expects something momentous around that time. The lunatics are losing and maybe becoming desperate. Always a dangerous moment with demonic entities who have zero morality. They won’t give up without a fight

    Incidentally, here is Tom Luongo’s latest. The financially literate will get his drift:

    “Do you really think the Fed is going to bail these people out this time? Why would they? No matter whether you view the US as predatorily destroying Europe or defending itself from Neo-feudal Eurocentric globalists the outcome is the same.”


    “What if the assumption of who runs the Empire is wrong and it’s not actually the US but the same people consolidating power in Europe right now?”

  2. danceaway says:

    Yes, Pete, I also find Milley”s presence in Poland just now, uttering those words, very foreboding.

    I have not seen any mention on RT of him being there, so if they know, which they must, they are keeping quiet about it.

    I believe it was Ret Col Douglas Macgregor who said on the Judge Napoliana show, Judging Freedom, that Milley is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox. He obviously has very little respect for him, or most of the other 40 or so generals. He talked about how the number of generals has exploded in recent years, and the reasons for their appointments not very credible in his eyes. He explained this, but I have forgotten the details. But the long and short of it was he has very little respect for the upper echelons of the American military. I think he said basically that they tell the Presidents whatever it is they want to hear.