£1 for a shower (10 minutes)

All thanks to EU sanctions.  The real victims of the West’s war with Russia will not be Russians, but Europeans.

That’s the price of electricity now.  It will be going up further in 2023.  There might be shortages and power cuts during winter months.

If accompanied by food shortages, the numbers who die will dwarf the casualties of war.

The bankers want Europe removed from the equation for their great reset.  Freezing and starving people will do that best.

If she’s open 300 days, that’s approaching £200 a day!

For presumably 400 Kwh a day or so with power costing about 50p a unit.

Maybe 40 Kwh per hour is the total required.

I am sure this amount is very high.

How many cafes consume 40 Kwh every hour?  You can imagine it being one quarter of that.

Here is a petrol generator which uses 25 litres in ten hours.  It gives out 6.5 Kwh.

That would cost about £40 to fuel each day.  If usage can be reduced somehow, the cost could come down to £12,000 a year.



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