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30 Responses to “Zeitgeist the Movie. Opinions please.”

  1. newensign says:

    Unfortunately Ian, YouTube says its age restricted and I have ti sign in which I will not do,

    • Occams says:

      I know there’s ways around it, but I forgot and they’re often hard to make work.

      I am banned on JooToob for ‘bullying’, since before the Plandemic, airsofters – many were Kanadian – were bootlicking some cops playing in a game, and I said you might as well enjoy them, because your Police State is soon happening.

      All of my comments were removed. There’s are still there. I wonder what they think, NOW, after this silly virus saw most of them lose most of their rights?

      The ‘other half’ of my ban was for ‘bullying’ ex-Special Forces and SEALs, etc., asking them when they were going to address the problems in Amerika rather than review – for the 800th time – a new scope, round, knife, etc.

      So I cannot ‘sign in’, although I believe one can probably find the movie on one of the other, less-restrictive sites.

    • ian says:

      Thanks gpfla, the first link is the one I knew. From around 10 minutes in it’s quite interesting. Thanks for the help.

  2. ian says:

    I can still watch youtube, though my comments are mostly ghosted, where I can comment. I was on one video during the mass psychosis of cv and had one comment removed as I watched and me blocked from replying to the asshole I was arguing with.

    That however wasn’t the point of me posting this. I posted it because there are a few of the mainstays on Tap, into religion. I’m not into it as what it is, ie the church and organised religion.
    The Zeitgeist video appears to explain some of Christianity’s shall I say stories as just that. However I am sure that Tap for example is further into the real truth of religion and Jesus, than the superficial teachings we get at street level. This was the discussion I hoped to provoke, as I’m lacking spirituality in my life, and am looking for direction.

    • gpfla says:

      I’m searching too for true spiritual truth.
      I grew up in a Christian church. From what all religions say is to seek inside you. You are light, electromagnetic frequency.

      I did believe that we are what we are. We are “part” of the light, the I AM.

      Listen to your inner voice, the you connected to the divine, the source.

      Seek and you SHALL find.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks gpfla. This is a very important truth. All matter IS electromagnetic frequency, or photons, or light. In this respect we are ALL connected with the whole of the universe, which is the same

        Yes we are part of the light, so we are connected to the divine, as one with the divine, the spirit is within YOU, within all of us

        The modern “scientific” focus ignores all this. It purposefully diverts from these fundamental truths, truths that the ancients understood, They did not need modern “particle” physics, which says that all matter is made up of “particles”, or “waves”, that is materials

        It pretty well ignores electromagnetism and it searches for ever smaller “particles” that are components of atoms, which combine to make molecules, which makes all materials. Vast fortunes are spent navel gazing on this materialist blind alley

        Modern mainstream physics is a vast edifice standing on the head of a pin. The Electric Universe guys and Mathis have utterly demolished it. But the vested interests are powerful and the magic money tree showers them with its fruit. They are addicted and they will rarely step out of line because, if they do then, they are cut off from their lavish source of funds

      • pete fairhurst says:

        One more thing

        The modern physicists all cite the Big Bang theory as a truth [Bit of a clue in that name, it’s still a theory, so definitely NOT proven as true]

        Their theory is that the Big Bang produced all the material in the Universe. That the components of all material elements came into existence in the Bang. It just happened, poof, suddenly, out of thin air, as if by magic. They totally dismiss any creative input too, there was no creator according to them, everything just evolved after the Bang

        They are obsessed with materials, totally obsessed, to the exclusion of every other possibility

        But simple logic can quickly demolish this theory of theirs. It is surely patently obvious to everyone that all actions must have a cause. Nothing happens in the physical realm without some underlying cause. And nothing can come into existence without some creative act or action

        Except for the Big Bang!

        According to them then, everything just popped into existence out of nothingness. And they also have the brass neck to then say that this foundational creative act for all of everything just happened, and without ANY creator involved! Simply ludicrous

  3. newensign says:

    An interesting video Ian, and would agree religions are to varying degrees satanic deceptions designed to lead people away from the truth and confuse. Christianity is not a religion but “The Way”, which is following and endeavouring to keep the Law. It’s not surprising the Bible Story ties up with the Zodiac and star constellation as the Bible states HIS STORY and of His people is written in the Sky above. We also find Zodiacs carved into the earth for example Glastonbury and West London.
    Most myths including the Greek ones are corruptions of the Bible Story, some showing Eve to have been enlightened by the snake (metaphor for the evil race) rather than have committed sin. The video has it wrong, the birth of Christ was at the feast of trumpets in September. But Satan through Julius and Gregory did change the times and seasons. The Hebrew New Year started at the Spring Equinox. This is still remembered by the tax year being in April, with a further adjustment being about 1660 AD when 3 months and 11 days were added which caused Christ’s birthdate to move to the satanic time of the darkest part of the year. Christ referred to his children as the children of the light and the Evil ones as the children of the dark. We know who uses the solar calendar and who uses the lunar calendar. The real Christian calendar accords with the sun cycles and likewise the first day of the week which equates to Sunday being the seventh day after the last Sabbath. The Enemy celebrates New Year in the depth of winter and the last day of the week which is Saturday or Satan’s day!
    There is so much more that could be said, but too much to type, so I hope this will be of use Ian

    • ian says:

      Thanks for that info newensign, very interesting. It is very deep and rabbit hole like once you start looking. Thanks for the help.

    • gpfla says:

      Truth had been presented.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Ian, I’ve not watched the vid yet but I will comment anyway.

    My first point is that ALL organised religions are in fact corporations and, as such, they are “legal persons” with an all CAPS, strawman identity that fits them into the legal realm. The legal system is diametrically opposed to Natural Law, which is the real human law, and is the basis for our common law too

    The Legal system consists of rules and regulations that we must OBEY, often with severe penalty for transgression, including violence by the State on your person. These Legal rules and regs are created by elites and their operatives, never by you the ordinary man. Further the legal person is NOT the living you, it is a dead administrative concept which is anti human. So, on that basis, how could anybody follow/support a religion when it is so fundamentally anti human?

    Furthermore, Natural Law is superior to the Legal system in all respects and it is rooted in nature and expressed in the bible. Remember when they used to swear to tell the truth and, the whole truth, with a hand on the bible? Natural Law applies to you the living human. The essence of Natural Law is “Do no harm”, a key aspect of the Way that newensign refers to above

    Second, I would point out that the ancients viewed God in a completely difference way to how all the religions do. The religions tell you that God is a noun, a sort of “person” [legal strawman], a bearded person in the sky, or somewhere. Whereas the ancients considered God as Being, a verb not a noun. A completely different concept, nature would be another way of looking at it

    Finally, I’m no expert on spirituality, my awakening is recent and by no means complete. But surely spirituality is rooted in you the living human, not your dead strawman legal identity? It develops when you become conscious of the wider connections of our wonderful, life giving, planet, solar system and universe. Nature itself, if you like. Not everything can be explained by material science, far from it, there is far, far, more. The human spirit is an essential component of our humanity and our reality. Never mind the controlling placemen who insist that everything is explained by physical “science” and material “things”. This is clearly nonsense to any thinking human. My own direct human experience disproves this materialist nonsense

    I’m happy to stand corrected by any one of you with superior knowledge to me

    • ian says:

      Thanks so much pete, that is beautiful. I love your explanation.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      That’s great to read Ian, it’s a real pleasure to help such a sound bloke as you

      One more point, if correct then, my spirituality thinking, as above, completely negates atheism of course. Because atheism actually promotes this ludicrous, solely materialist, concept as reality doesn’t it. And so it denies all human spirituality too, by definition. This makes it simply too stupid for me

      I find atheism very funny as well because, obviously, nobody can ever prove a negative of any sort can they [the none existence of God]. So therefore atheism itself is a faith based world view! So it entirely depends on your human spirit and faith in the concept. Ha, ha

    • newensign says:

      Thanks for adding this additional info Pete and yes if a church is a registered charity, its a legal fiction and a corporation is a dead entity – hence the word corpse. It was King James who instructed the translators of the new KJV Bible to translate the word of the original Hebrew meaning congregation as Church to enable the King to have full control. It was the Temple that was the place of offering and sacrifice. The Temple was done away with following the perfect sacrifice of Christ. The local church would equate to a parish council the Bishop would be the Mayor and the priests the civil servants while the elders were wise members who would be consulted on important matters affecting the community meeting as an assembly. When I was young, councils still had aldermen which would equate to Biblical elders. You will notice that synagogues are never mentioned in the OT only in NT in Judea which was infested with Edomites. Therefore their assembly rooms (Townhall) were called Synagogues which means the assembly of the people of Gog who are those who were foretold would come and take a great spoil from the nations of the west!!

  5. gpfla says:

    Just stated reading an interesting book which could place a different perspective on life, specifically, the human race.

    The book is called “The Navigator Who Crossed The Ice Walls”.

    Yes this is a rabbit hole too. 🙂
    I do believe it’s with going down it.

  6. gpfla says:

    Picture of the book is attached

  7. ian says:

    Some great info there folks, thank you all.

  8. Gordon says:

    I mentioned here on the blog some weeks ago that Man was created as a being of light and have found only one other person who has ever qualified that statement, Jesus Christ. John 8:12  “I AM the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the “LIGHT OF LIFE,”” emphasis mine. To understand the “I AM” and the “LIGHT OF LIFE” I would encourage all here who are in search of truth and that Light to read the free downloadable (Docx) book A Beautiful Delusion (The coming Anti-Christ) by William F Kinney. In it you will find many explanations and answers to the questions you are asking here in the above comments.


  9. danceaway says:


    People have stopped believing in God; politicians are leading you into the Abyss.

    • Gordon says:

      Yep, he’s got it sussed as have many here on the blog. All we ever get is a change of face and perhaps a different coloured tie while their satanic global agenda carries on regardless.

      Don’t think for one minute that when heads of states and politicians head off to Davos, the WEF, the G7,the G20, the WHO and UN meetings that they are going to these meetings for the benefit of their nations. If indeed they were and everything was above board then there would be no call for an overhead no fly zone and mass venue security.

      On the contrary, they are going to these meetings to discus your demise and your fate under the guise of Climate Change, the latest economic crisis or whatever the latest fearmongering hype is at the time and in the meantime they’ll have their back stabbing call for votes and elections while giving the illusion that it matters when in fact it’s only ever a change of face and perhaps a different coloured tie while their satanic global agenda carries on regardless.

  10. newensign says:

    They have been eroding people’s faith down through the centuries because the enemy knows the scriptures better than His people! For if we engage with them we will be partakers of their curses. When we are following the Law, be are too strong to be faced head on!