What’s causing the fires?

There are simply too many fires spread out over such massive distances with no known cause that it simply can’t be sabotage teams.  Others like Anthony Mercouris talk about drones.  And he calls these attacks pin pricks.  I don’t think so.

There has to be a weapon of unknown or unmentioned capability.  The best guess would be one that is fired from space.  There are multiple explosions starting in the same split second which can be seen on videos.  It can’t be missiles.   Maybe multiple bombs with timers.  But more likely a space beam weapon which Russia has not yet been able to deal with.

The West is engaging with Russia and China with ridiculously low numbers of conventional armies and navies.  Western air forces are bigger in number but apparently Russia’s conventional weaponry is superior in every department.  Why are we drawing Russia and China into a war which we cannot win?

Does NATO/US possess space weaponry which has devastating effects on targets on earth, making conventional weaponry obsolete?

Does Russia have any way to counter this threat?  It appears not at this stage.  Maybe China has more kit in the space weaponry department?