What if all the crises that have occurred since 2019 were a build up for WAR between the US and China?

To understand why this might be the case, let’s first consider the facts.

In 2022 the US is officially bankrupt. They must now monetise debt in order to fund themselves.

This means that in order to survive the US requires the #FederalReserve to continuously print more money.

They use this money to service the national debt and ensure the country functions somewhat normally.

Recently, this money creation has gone into overdrive!

If it was the case that only the US used the dollar, this would not matter so much to other countries.

But given the US dollar is the global reserve currency, its debasement impacts every other nation on the planet.

When the US creates more dollars, it’s a problem for everyone. 

This is why many countries are desperate to ditch the US dollar as the global reserve.

Some have even entered into an alliance with the explicit goal of creating a new global monetary order.

These are the #BRICS+ nations, and they are led by China.

By seeking to de-dollarise themselves, the BRICS+ nations present an existential problem for the US.

If the dollar is no longer the global reserve, the US will be unable to enforce its hegemony.

They will also lose their ability to export their inflation to other countries.

In short, once the dollar loses its reserve status, the US ceases to be the global hegemon.

They will also experience a hyperinflation as all the dollars they printed flood back to the US.

This will collapse the standards of living for US citizens.

So what does this have to do with WAR? Well right now the US is in Thucydides Trap.

This is when a rising superpower threatens to overtake an existing one, as is happening right now between China & the US.

This is happening economically, technologically and militarily. 

When this situation arises, the existing superpower has two options.

Enact WAR to try and prevent the new superpower from dethroning them, or step aside and accept that their day in the sun is over.

Historically, they typically have chosen WAR.

Most strategists consider that right now the US still has the advantage over China militarily.

But they believe by 2030 this advantage will be lost.

At this point China will have already overtaken the US economically and through BRICS+ will outnumber them in terms of allies.

Going into the current decade the US was aware that if they wanted to halt the rise of China – time was running out.

So it’s interesting it began with a ‘pandemic’ which was used to justify placing the world on a war type footing.

Was this a phony WAR of a US – China conflict? 

By ‘Phony War’ I refer to the first 8 months of WW2, the last time a rising superpower ended up at war with an existing one.

From Sept 1939 to April 1940, despite war being declared by both Germany and Britain – neither side engaged militarily.

Instead, they used this period to make their respective WAR preparations at home.

Industries were repurposed, money was printed, a war economy was built and citizens were propagandised and prepared for a period of crisis.

Much the same as what occurred between 2020-2022. 

Now lets go back to late 2019.

A virus emerges in WUHAN China – home to a virology lab in which research is being funded by the US and EU.

Just prior to this a pandemic planning event called EVENT 201 takes place.

It’s funded by the WEF, the Gates Foundation and John Hopkins.

Interestingly, around the same time the World Military Games also take place in WUHAN, China.

Immediately after this strange chain of events the first cases of COVID19 are reported around the world.

The response to the new virus that in terms of risk to life is extremely low for most, is extraordinary.

A response the likes of which had not been seen since World War 2.

The only problem was – no war existed, and the flimsy pandemic narrative fell apart within months. 

Then, in late 2021 the US announced they were immediately removing all remaining US troops from Afghanistan.

The chaotic manner in which this was done prompted many to speculate as to the true reason for such a rapid departure.

In early 2022, Russia invades Ukraine.

This follows 8 years of US involvement in Ukraine to expand its military capabilities and raise it’s level of threat to Russia.

The conflict is used by the US to justify confiscating Russia foreign reserves and blocking them from SWIFT. 

The US and NATO then provide a seemingly unlimited amount of financial support and equipment to Ukraine to try and ensure Russia is completely tied up there.

Despite this, US and NATO forces are not involved directly. They are however fully mobilised and readied for conflict. 

Fast forward to now. The world is still in ‘crises’ mode with citizens continuously threatened with new and ever more bizarre sounding threats.

Then, just this week the US announces Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan – something they know will be a direct provocation to China.

Seeing how this might spark a chain of events that leads to a US – CHINA hot war, many question the logic behind the visit.

But going back to my original premise – what if this is not just some erratic decision by the US?

What if everything from 2019 to today is linked? 

With the BRICS+ nations quickly putting into place the elements required to create a new global monetary system; a financial collapse brewing at home; and a Thucyidides Trap moment unfolding – the US is now in the last chance saloon.

So was most of what we saw the past 2 years the gearing up for WW3?

Or is it better framed that we are in WW3 already and the global elite have spun us a fantasy narrative around the reality of what is actually really taking place across the globe? 

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