West pushing for Demilitarised Zone around NPP – would stop Russia in its tracks – perhaps plan all along – Alex Christoforou

West now pushing for a demilitarised zone around nuclear power plant. A buffer zone, a trip wire. Very clever move. This would freeze the conflict in south of Ukraine, outside of Donbass, cause an indefinite halt, UN peace keeping troops in place ( probably to include Poland ). Would stop Russia dead in its tracks, provide an off ramp for the collective West, preserve the Z regime ( talk of Arestovich succeeding him ). Make it difficult for Russia to get to Transnistria.

Incredibly hard to unfreeze. Would have entire UN against you. Perhaps this was the goal all along. Problem – solution, Create the problem, then the solution. Would definitely pause the conflict.

This is what happened in Cypress 46 years ago. Created a green zone, UN set up camp, have never left.

Estonia, Latvia, Finland pushing for denial of Schengen visas for Russians. Countries which benefit from tourism not so keen. Alexander Mercouris thinks it might get pushed through because EU policy based on fear, anger and hate, which leads to disastrous outcomes.