Ukraine’s grim history. The Lvov Massacre 1941.

The Lvov massacre or how Ukrainian nationalists made Lvov Ukrainian

I promised for a long time! Today I will tell you about one more monstrous crime of the current heroes of Ukraine: the Lvov massacre.

Before the start of World War II, Lviv was part of Poland, but from September 1939 until the end of June 1941, it was controlled by the Soviet government and became part of the Ukrainian SSR. June 30, 1941. And at that time there were more than 200,000 Jews in Lviv – 100,000 of them fled from Poland occupied by the Germans. More than a third of the inhabitants of the city

On the night of June 30, 1941, units of the Red Army left Lviv, and at about 4:30 in the morning the first units of the Nazis appeared in the city, including the Ukrainian battalion “Nachtigal”, which was part of the Abwehr and was staffed by Ukrainian nationalists, supporters of the OUN Stepan Bandery. Also, a detachment of nationalists led by Yaroslav Stetsko, the current hero of Ukraine, entered the city.

For some time, a power vacuum formed in Lvov, since the German administration was not formed, which Ukrainian nationalists took advantage of and began pogroms against Jews. The Germans did not interfere. It was impossible to miss the chance for terror, and the so-called “Ukrainian policemen” began to settle scores with Jews, Poles and Russians. About 4,000 people were killed on the first day. Mostly Jews

The formal reason for the unfolding pogrom was the execution of prisoners in the NKVD prison, carried out before the retreat of the Red Army. But neither the Poles nor the Jew had anything to do with this.

People were taken to the streets: beaten and tortured, women were raped. This was done not only by ”Ukrainian policemen”, but also by ordinary ……