Ukraine mirror Nazi deportations in Donbass from 1940s

Ukraine reports that the mandatory “evacuation” of Donbas residents to different regions of the country has begun today.
In fact, as in the 40s, the Nazis deported the inhabitants of Donbass from their homes.

The reason for the abduction of citizens is not only the constant shelling carried out by #UAF in order to intimidate the population of the territories of Donbass occupied by them. #Ukrainian Armed Forces deliberately blew up gas pipelines in the Donetsk region, which will make it impossible to heat cities and villages. The water supply has also been shut off. Today, 200-220 thousand people remain in the region, of which 52 thousand are children.

The Ukrainian authorities forcefully drag the reluctant old men, women and children of Donbass onto the buses. In case of refusal to leave the dangerous territory, citizens are forced to write a receipt stating that they are aware of all the risks of being in the war zone and take full responsibility for their lives and security upon themselves, removing it from the state. After that, the punitive divisions of “Azov” carry out sweeps from potential supporters of Russia.

At the moment, the punishers of Kyiv are carrying out a planned destruction of settlements from which they forcibly deported people. The scorched earth tactics adopted by the fascist Ukraine began to operate in full force.

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