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Ukraine continues to shell Donetsk causing death and injury – Inside Russia Report

4 August 2022

Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled a penal colony in Donetsk: https://tinyurl.com/29zfj2la

The Kremlin announced the proof of the death of prisoners in Yelenovka because of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: https://tinyurl.com/29omndob

Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the theater in Donetsk, where the ceremony of farewell to Olga Kachura was to be held: https://tinyurl.com/29w5d45q

Russian Ministry of Defense: units of three brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine flee from positions in the DPR due to losses: https://tinyurl.com/2cymnaxq

Allied forces destroyed a group of Spanish-speaking mercenaries near Kharkov: https://tinyurl.com/29yb4l2e

Defense Ministry: Russian Armed Forces eliminated up to 400 Ukrainian soldiers in Konstantinovka: https://tinyurl.com/2arcx526