UK Smart Meter issue reaches iearlgrey via UKColumn/Vanessa Beeley ( 32 min onward)

Mike chats as he walks through a forested area  outside Saint Petersburg where he lives; glimpses of Russian homes provide interesting insight into Russian life. Valuable commentary on life and news as usual. Plenty of insight/iinformation in comments from viewers as well.


15,395 views 28 Aug 2022

The US and India discussed the issue of limiting the price of oil from Russia:

“Strikes with standard weapons”: the forces of the Russian Airborne Forces stopped an attempt to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction:

Former British ambassador to Myanmar Vicky Bowman arrested in country – as new sanctions announced:

How Ukraine is using resistance warfare developed by the US to fight back against Russia:

Bloomberg: profit of Russian companies in the second quarter increased by 25%:

Kadyrov ruled out holidays for the security forces during the military operation:

Reuters reports two US Navy ships enter Taiwan Strait:

Chinese armed forces put on high alert amid passage of US Navy cruisers:

Smart meter warning: Devices face ‘last resort’ switch off over outstanding bills:

UK Column: “Normalisation of “minor attracted persons” by WHO education recommendations” – 

Final item not discussed by Mike; just linked; too sensitive.

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