2 Responses to “They Want to Pit Neighbour against Neighbour – Nudge Unit – Hugo Talks”

  1. ian says:

    If they want people to rat on their neighbours, then they’ll get them to rat on their neighbours. TV controls the majority. As I’ve said many times on Tap, I live in the village next to Gretna Green. I’ve lived there for nearly 70 years. In the 50’s during my early childhood, I was born in 51, only one person had a car, and we never got TV til I was at school. It was however as if we were all related, in each others houses, it was as if all the village were one. Yes we got up to mischief, of the tame sort, knock and run, nicking apples etc. Ok I’m not going to do all our yesterdays, but it’s totally different now, people getting reported to the council or the police. Everyone has easy access to report people. No need to queue at the phone box with 4 pence in your hand.

  2. danceaway says:

    One looks back on those days with a true realisation of their value, Ian. How I wish they could be repeated. I love your stories; you have a gift for storytelling!