The world is full of phony scientists and phony science. Updated.

The trick with this decision problem had to do with universal statements, like “all dogs are animals”. It
is universal due to the word “all”. Since dogs are defined as animals, it seems hard to see any case that
would be false, but Godel and thereby Church and Turing found a way, by claiming that all definitions
were also arbitrary, and therefore strictly unprovable. Definitions could be accepted, but not proved,
since definitions are human constructs, and humans have limited knowledge.

“All dogs” implies all possible dogs, present and future, and we cannot prove the future. And so on. They use other similar
tricks to insert doubt, but it hardly matters since you can already see what nonsense it all is. This
manufactured conundrum was also at the heart of the Logical Positivists long-running battle with Karl
Popper, where he finally dismissed them all as fools, since science, computing, and life don’t proceed
on such proofs anyway. He famously said it wasn’t a matter of provability, but of falsifiability.

We don’t need to get into that again, but he was mostly right. What he never understood (or perhaps he
did) was that the Logical Positivists weren’t fools. They were spreading confusion on purpose, as part
of this millennia-old program of chaos creation. Yes, Project Chaos didn’t start in the 1960s, or in
1947. It has been the premier Phoenician program from the beginning, back to 2000BC and before.
I say that Popper may have understood that, since I have since considered the possibility he was
playing controlled opposition all along. He also never solved any real problems, just going round and
round with the positivists and others, to draw your attention off real physics and math. His promotion
by George Soros is more indication of that.

At any rate, we know they soon solved the decision problem for computing, since computers work
quickly and accurately on most problems. Initially, they got around the provability problem by
replacing it with satisfiability, or SAT. They did this by jettisoning universals, for one things, but also
by seeking binaries that did yield yes or no. It wasn’t that hard, but they still prefer to muck up the
whole subject to make it look more difficult than it is. As with everything else.

The usual.

I used to think it was just an innate human foible: making everything seem more difficult than it is.

But I now see it is again done on purpose, to make these problems seem more difficult and thereby more valuable
and more costly. It is a kind of charging by the hour, since they couldn’t milk and bilk the worldwide
treasuries decade after to decade for solving these problems overnight like I do.

They need to spread every problem across centuries, so that they can drain the treasuries of billions and trillions. Solving
problems isn’t profitable; keeping them open for centuries is very profitable, and creates millions of
sinecures for these phony scientists, all of whom just happen to be from the Families.

There are a few that know where the phony scientists can be exposed…and are brave enough to do so

like Wal Thornhill –

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