The Psychological Side of the West’s Proxy War – Indoctrination of Two Generations of Ukrainians in School

19 Aug 2022

This video interview examining the books found in School 31 in Donbass, books which are to be taken to The Office of the General Prosecuter of the Donetsk People’s Republic as evidence to be used in the Tribunals of the Nazis, is like an historical documentary.  Book by book we are shown how as far back as 1964 in a book about Bandera, published in Toronto, generations of Ukrainians have been taught  to hate Russia  and reject anything Russian; history has been falsified. For the little ones, picture books, images which will remain with a child, have been used. Repeatedly children have been taught that Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine has been exploited. The Maidan and Nazism are glorified. That the Maidan was a military takeover using the help of special forces of NATO countries. Some books first examined tell the children why Ukraine should join Europe and not Russia. These books have been closely scrutinised and placed in groups. The speaker is well informed and literate; he knows  history and the true relationship between Russians and Ukrainians going back generations, which he explains. The wickedness of the West is out in the open. These children have been propagandised in order to become the proxy tools of the West in their obsession with destroying Russia. Listen to this evidence from the books themselves, all discovered in the School Library of School 31 and bearing the Library Stamp.


If one thing is clear, it’s that the Russian people of (formerly) Eastern Ukraine are hated by many Ukrainians. This is why they decided they needed their independence (for more information about this, see my interview with Vlad Deinego, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Lugansk People’s Republic). This video tells how the Ukrainian school system is indoctrinating hatred into the children. Replace the group “Russian” with any other marginalized group in America, and you will realize how terrible and dangerous it is.

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Interview with Vlad Deinego:

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