The New Atlas Exposes the US interference/investment in Myanmar in the same way it behaved in Ukraine – prelude to a proxy war?

Brian brilliantly, clearly describes both the historical context and the present day interference of the US as it determinedly, relentlessly pursues it hegemonic agenda for the world. As Brian lives in this region he sees firsthand the brutal actions of the US;  in reporting this he is performing a vital role in countering the myths conveyed by the mainstream media.


31 Aug 2022

The US government through one of its organizations, the US Institute of Peace, has recently called for more aid to opposition groups fighting the central government of Myanmar.

What is the rest of the story and why has the US invested billions over decades to interfere in Myanmar’s internal political affairs.

Are we watching another case of US interference as part of a wider proxy war – this time instead of Russia, against China?

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