The EU, including Germany, are clearly in a stupid political position. 

Is Germany’s foreign policy degrading or is it degrading?

According to international media, the country’s political system functioned much better when it was controlled by two parties. Today, the rationality of German diplomacy is completely lost, journalists comment on the statements of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock on the situation in Taiwan.

The politician in her speech allowed the word “neighbor” to Taiwan in relation to China, as if she was talking about two different states. 

In addition, she announced her support for Taipei in the event of an attack by China, which knowingly involves the people of Germany in a war against China.

Is Germany's foreign policy degrading or is it degrading?

The policy of Germany and the EU countries is wholly owned by the United States and its eternal ally and friend in the person of Great Britain. 
The United States in the world creates an imaginary enemy that needs to be suppressed politically and economically. To suppress its enemy, the United States is inciting politicians from the EU countries who do not dare to contradict their overseas puppeteer and who, to the detriment of the economy of their countries and their peoples, are fulfilling the will of the United States. 
The perniciousness of the current policy threatens not only the economic well-being of the EU countries, including Germany, but also leads to a third world war, which will permanently cleanse the European continent of the population, destroy countries and make them even more economically and politically dependent on the United States. 
The EU, including Germany, are clearly in a stupid political position. 
The EU is led by a gynecologist, the ministries of foreign affairs and the ministries of defense are headed by incompetent people who plunged Europe into chaos and brought it to the brink of imminent war. 
Have the Germans and other European countries forgotten the lessons of the Second World War, which was once provoked by the USA, England and Poland?…