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The Disturbing (and Deeply Irritating) Globalist Agendas in the James Bond Movie “No Time to Die”

The story of “No Time to Die” revolves around a DNA-targeting virus that’s oddly similar to monkeypox. Considering the fact that the movie was completed around 2019, the coincidence is rather unsettling. Is the movie another case of predictive programming? Also, what is wrong with James Bond?

By Vigilant Citizen – Aug 4, 2022

Warning: Monumental spoilers ahead!

No Time to Die was one of the first movies to be released in theaters after COVID lockdowns. And, if moviegoers expected a fun escape from reality from this blockbuster movie, well, that’s not what they got. Instead, viewers got a sad, troubled, and depressed James Bond moping around for about three hours. In fact, a more appropriate title for the movie should have been A LOT of Time to Die. Because it takes about three hours for James Bond to finally give up and die. Because, yes, Bond actually dies in the movie. In a weird, cowardly way to boot.

So when the movie was (finally) over, my face was scrunched up in utter confusion. I can’t say that I’m a James Bond aficionado, but that movie did not feel like James Bond at all. Isn’t he all about guns, girls, and gadgets? With my face still scrunched up, I looked up some movie reviews to make sure I wasn’t crazy. This was the top review on Amazon.

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One of the many lengthy reviews that expressed utter hatred towards that movie.

So what happened to James Bond? One word: Agendas. The cool, suave, confident, patriotic, and womanizing hero of the past does not fit today’s social climate. Sean Connery’s version of James Bond was a 20th-century version of propaganda. It was about promoting the MI6 and Great Britain as a whole through popular culture using a charismatic protagonist. And it worked.

However, we are in the 21st century. Globalism turned national pride into national shame and strong masculinity into toxic masculinity. The James Bond of the past is now “problematic” and modern James Bond has to comply with today’s cultural orthodoxy.

The result is No Time to Die – a bastard product of this joyless cultural climate. Nearly everything about this movie is infused with an agenda, from Bond’s entire “vibe” to the actual story which is based around viruses, DNA-enabled poisons, and the constant fear of being contaminated by something. In short, depressing, un-entertaining stuff.

Furthermore, watching this movie in 2022 is particularly mind-boggling. While the development of this movie reportedly began in 2017, its subject matter appears to be directly inspired by COVID and monkeypox epidemics. It’s almost as if they knew those things would happen.

Is No Time to Die another example of predictive programming? Here’s a look at the movie.

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The Disturbing (and Deeply Irritating) Globalist Agendas in the James Bond Movie “No Time to Die”