The Battle for Britain?

By Savant – Aug 11, 2022

If your average English person were asked to name the town that most accurately reflects the country’s culture and values many if not most would choose Stratford-upon-Avon. Not coincidentally the town sits almost in the dead centre of England and was of course the home of The Bard William Shakespeare.

Nadhim Zahawi. Click to enlarge

Today the townsfolk are represented by the guy you see here, not exactly someone who “reflects the country’s culture and values”. Indeed because Nadhim Zahawi was born in Iraq and spent his early life there before migrating to Britain. There he acquired great wealth, the source of which is not at all clear. Along the way his shall we say ‘colourful’ career (“Zahawi urged to explain source of £26m mystery loans”) attracted the attention of the tax authorities and other investigators but nonetheless he somehow emerged to be one of the candidates for the Conservative leadership, a role which would automatically make him Prime Minister.

Now I ask you to look at this guy and ask yourself how he could possibly represent the still overwhelmingly English citizens of Stratford-upon-Avon. Do those black soulless eyes light up at the sound of Rule Britannia? Does his chest swell with pride when he considers the history, culture and traditions of the country he now seeks (or did) to lead? Or does he look at the fading churches and dream of turning them into mosques? Does he have any empathy at all with the White Christian constituents he purports to represent? How could anybody believe that an Iraqi Muslim with a let’s say colourful business career will put the interests of his constituents or indeed ‘his’ country first?

But he’s not the only one. One of the two remaining candidates is Rishi Sunak,an Indian with no fewer than three passports who ‘earned’ a fortune at Goldman Sachs, a company memorably described by Matt Taibbi as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”. It’s hard to imagine a less suitable preparation for taking over a country. Although in another sense it’s great preparation for implementing the central banking/globohomo, as Draghi has shown. Sunak’s wife (also three passports) has shown her commitment to the British people by deploying a variety of wheezes to avoid paying British taxes despite coming from a family of billionaires.

How do such people managed to rise to dizzying heights despite such modest and professional accomplishments? Part of the problem can be explained by the abject state of British masculinity. Take the case of the Bold Scotsman and wealthy ex-public schoolboy Hamish Badenoch. An active Tory constituency worker since his teenage years he’s now the house-husband of this lady. Why? Well he met Kemi when canvassing and was smitten. He desperately sought her approval. “One of my desperate chat-up lines was to tell her that she had the greatest political mind of the century”. “My political ambitions were ended when I was booted off the candidate list – by Kemi!”. “She is now out of the leadership race but she was true to herself: Brilliant, beautiful and brave.”

In a few generations Britain and the Conservative Party has gone from Churchill to this. Is it any wonder that the Third World has gained control? And we know what happens when that happens. And it can happen quickly as the recent history of Detroit informs us. Because as the late great Sam Francis said that “You cannot separate a culture and its attendant civilization from the genetic endowments of its founding people, nor can you expect to transfer it to another people, i.e. [immigrants.]”

But in fact does it matter who gets to be Prime Minister or which party wins the election? I don’t think so because Britain, like almost all Western countries will be governed by the Uniparty. They’re all the same. Sure, they’ll talk tough at election time but once their feet are under the desk it’s welcome to the new boss, same as the old. Nothing underlines this more than promises to control immigration. Despite much chest-pounding by the ‘Conservatives’ at election time the numbers have actually risen under their governments.

I’ll say it once again: Fundamental change will come only in the aftermath of a catastrophic economic collapse.


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