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Submitted by Harold Saive

The Amazing Parallels Between 9/11 & Covid – RichardGage911 – Red Pill Expo – July 9/10

We were honored to speak to this distinguished crowd of the awakened and the awakening. Turns out by a show of hands, that this was the first exposure to 9/11 for at least a dozen attendees. I love it when their jaw drops at the table with tears in their eyes, and they ask all the good questions about 9/11!
I told Ed, “I need to codify Kevin’s 11 parallels, expand on them, put them in a table format, and add supporting graphics.” He said “Go!”

Kevin discovered 11 parallels between 9/11 & Covid – and I added a couple:

– Foreknowledge: insider trading

– Foreknowledge: predictive programming

– Foreknowledge: drills

– Abuse of science

– Creating a climate of fear

– A solution that is far worse than the original problem

– False accounts by officials

– Extreme Control of the Narrative

– No real investigation

– An elusive powerful enemy

– Control of information and a shifting narrative by top agencies and NGO’s

– Media censorship of & attacks on critical questioning

– Implementation of Draconian policies and surveillance

I worked very hard for the last month on this presentation with the help of Dr. Madhava Setty—whom we interviewed on RichardGage911:UNLEASHED! earlier this year.

The finished product was a very powerful 2-hour presentation—but I only had 45 minutes! I didn’t want to cut back any of the newer revelatory information on Covid, so I had to trim the 9/11 info to the core points, because I had delivered the WTC evidence in some detail the previous year. I spent about 40 hours placing the most concise relevant Covid evidence parallels into the PowerPoint and I didn’t want to delete any of it – because people were depending on me – but then I had to put on a mad rush to get to the dramatic conclusion – “Revelation of the Method”:

From Dustin Broadbery of the “Michael Hoffman suggests that the ruling elite are giving notice of their supremacy—declaring themselves virtuoso criminal masterminds, above the law and beyond reproach.

But most of all, they are telling you, in no uncertain terms, that you are without recourse, these events are beyond your control, as is your own destiny for that matter. Eventually a sense of apathy and abulia (absence of will-power) engulfs humanity, demoralizing us to the point of conceding defeat to a system we are powerless to change. [Let’s prove them wrong!]

Buried deep within their rule of law, is a hidden constitution that states: nothing happens without your consent. In this version of contract law, once the truth is hidden in plain sight, you have agreed to it. There exists someplace an unsigned contract with your unsworn oath on it. [And let’s take it back.]

The feedback from the participants was remarkable. Most in this crowd were already aware that our government lied to us about 9/11; and several were quite familiar with the documentaries that I had already produced like 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. In fact many people came up to our table during the conference just to let us know how grateful they were that we were there—and how important it is for everyone to get this information. It made me rethink the enormity of the challenges that we are facing—with these increasingly brazen, deadly, and evil, world-changing events.

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