Terrorists capitalising on Covid pandemic!

A shocking new revelation shows that dangerous terrorists have used the Covid scamdemic to strengthen their positions by “advancing their narrative”.

“VIOLENT TERRORIST GROUPS have shaped their propaganda using Covid-19 misinformation to advance their narrative, a Europol report has found. The EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT) is produced by Europol on an annual basis and is used by police forces and policy makers across the European community to devise strategies against terrorists. The broader report, which examines the situation across Europe, looks at trends in terror groups and how they disseminate their information.”

This is undoubtedly true and we on this blog eagerly look forward to the early apprehension of the following two terrorist masterminds:

Mohammed bin-Fauci: While this career criminal has been active for decades he has yet to face any form of justice. A notorious terrorist, bin-Fauci has been responsible for killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians during the course of the pandemic alone. Some experts claim him to be the most prolific mass-murderer since Genghis Khan. Despite all the slaughter his blood-lust remains undimmed. Many attribute this malevolence to his tiny stature which caused him to be bullied in school and nicknamed The Poison Dwarf. Whatever the explanation he is a psychopathic criminal of the worst kind.

Salman Osama Al-Fergusani: Corrupt to the core, this terrorist has no ideological commitment, being instead an unscrupulous careerist gun-for-hire on sale to the highest bidder. Many security experts believe this proclivity and his dissolute lifestyle render Al-Fergusani susceptible to bribery and/or blackmail. However he too has escaped justice so far not least due to the support he mysteriously garners from some of the country’s most powerful figures. As a scrawny pencil-necked geek Al-Fergusani has acted, through his lies, falsifications and other forms of duplicity as a bomb-maker rather than bomb-planter. He’s not popular with former colleagues who have variously referred to him as “a stinking hive of Satanic energy”, a “posturing charlatan” and “a smooth-talking wallet lifter” so maybe one of them will rat him out in the near future.

Whatever the outcome we should all remain assured that the authorities, especially the alphabet security agencies, will do everything in their power to seek out and bring to justice these murderous criminals.